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Here at Medieval Collectibles, we are proud to offer a great selection of Marshal Historical gear for your next historical reenactment. Marshal Historical offers a wide variety of items. You can choose medieval and Renaissance clothing, armour, weapons, and more. For example, if you need some functional armor, then check out the steel helmets, body armor, arm armour and more. They are often based on historical pieces. The steel armour often comes in 14 and 16 gauges. There are 18 gauge steel items as well. You can also get a brigandine if you prefer.

Why not wear some padding underneath your armour? Marshal Historical has wonderful arming wear such as gambesons and padded coifs. They come in different sizes. If you wish to dress like a medieval knight or create a costume for a Renaissance faire, then take a look at their variety of clothing. You can wear tunics, shirts, tabards, and more. They come in different styles and sizes. Cover your feet with leather boots or shoes. You can wear leather gloves and gauntlets on your hands. Finish off your attire with a leather accessory like a bag.

Once dressed for battle, get a weapon for combat. We offer axes, daggers, and more. After fighting, you can join a grand banquet. Enjoy a feast by eating with a cutlery set. Make sure to stop and check out the selection of Marshal Historical items. You are sure to find something that will catch your eye.

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