I have recently started collecting Medieval gear such as weapons and armour. All the people I have dealt with at Medieval Collectibles have been so kind and helpful! I thought I needed to tell others how happy I am with your company.
Thank you for your great customer service!

Kind and Helpful

David M

Great service from Jessica and Amber. This is why I came back to this site, a great customer experience and great products.

Great service

Philip T

I’d love to give feedback. I just got the item I ordered today and it is amazing! The product is exactly what I expected and I look forward to wearing it. The shipping was fast and ordering was very easy. Great product and service overall. Thank you!

Great product and service overall

Tyler B

Just a note to say “THANK YOU”. My Order arrived today and I am very pleased with the items. I appreciate your promptness in getting these items to me. Your service was terrific, and I look forward to doing more business with you

Just a note to say "THANK YOU"

Penny Q

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for being very kind and helpful about me asking all the questions and what not. I got my armor in Wednesday and i love it. Its so cool.

Just wanted to thank you

Stephen K

I had to write you this  and I hope you can share it with your team. I received my order today and I wanted to say the BIGGEST thank you! It is amazing and better than I expected I was so happy with it I wore it the rest of the day (6-9) because I …

Thank you! Thank you! Read More »

Thank you! Thank you!

Ben D

Fantastic Service!
I had placed an order, then realized I needed to change a few things. I emailed customer service, and Amber responded and helped me with my order. She made sure that I was more than satisfied. I doubt I’ll ever order from another company for my Renaissance Faire needs.

I doubt I’ll ever order from another company!

Jake N

Thank you for your extensive assistance. I’m impressed by the thorough customer service!

Extensive Assistance

Jake K

I’m amazed at the five star customer service!


David K

I am sincerely impressed with the level of proactive service you all have offered. Not only was this a great supplement to the notifications on the original order that certain items were not currently in stock, but this proactive communication included an open offer to assist, and the clear outline of when items are estimated …

Impressed! Read More »


Evan K.

Thank you for your exceptional customer service! I will definitely order from Medieval Collectibles in the future because of how promptly and efficiently this issue was taken care of.

Prompt and Efficient

Tonya G.

Good afternoon , my name is James and I’m sending this to The Management Team because I just wanted to let you know the fantastically awesome experience I just had on the phone w/ Amber. She was extremely professional & seemed very knowledgeable as far as the different products from diff. suppliers and I only …

Fantastically Awesome Read More »

Fantastically Awesome


Thank you and I did in fact receive the email and store credit code a few hours after I emailed you. I still really appreciate you getting back to me regardless. You are a wonderful person and if everyone in the company is like you I will enjoy shopping with Medieval Collectibles for years to …

Wonderful Person Read More »

Wonderful Person

Joseph S.

Your company service and communication was the best I have ever had! For a $30 costume! I hope your company values you as they should. 

Best Ever

Kathy B.

Hi there! I called customer service last week to ask several questions about a shrug jacket. Her name is Bailey and she personally measured the parts of the jacket that I was worried about fitting properly. She really was wonderful and so helpful and I ordered the jacket right away after she gave me the …

Personal Attention Read More »

Personal Attention

Jeane N.

Thank you for promptly getting back to me about the items mentioned. “RARELY” do I get service & information like this. Thanks again for being exceptional at your job!


Bunn E.

Amber, thank you very much. It is exceptional customer service like you are providing that makes me want to purchase again from your company. Thank you for all of your help!

Purchasing Again

Keith L.

Your customer service was excellent. She followed up with me regarding my order without my even asking.

Excellent Follow Up

Amy G.

Best customer service with two different people that I have had with any company.

Best Service

K. B.

You’ve been amazingly helpful and have reduced my stress level significantly! Thank you so much for your help! Don’t stop being awesome!

Amazingly Helpful

Jesse S.

I am sending you this email to let you know the exemplary customer service I have had with an order I placed a while ago. Haley has been wonderful!!!!!! I purchased a coat for my husband that was not quite the quality I was looking for, but she helped me find what I …

Wonderful Staff Read More »

Wonderful Staff

Martha G.

Thank you very much! 🙂 I must say, you really have great customer service! 🙂

Thank You Very Much

Leif L.

Haley – Thank you so much for your special attention to this!  Everything arrived on time, we took them this weekend to the Ren Faire, and they were all fantastic!  Much appreciated! 

Arrived on Time

Karen W.

I have said this before over the phone but I’m going to say it again now: This company has given some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! I have been all over the world while in the military so I have shopped in person and online at many different places and sites. …

Among the Best Read More »

Among the Best

Tiffany M.

Thank you, Haley. You’ve been very helpful. Excellent customer service. 

Thank You, Haley

Joanne M.

I just ordered the Game of Thrones Hand of the queen pin from your sales representative Haley, and I must say that she provided friendly, accurate and remarkable service. Most days I deal with telephone representatives and with payment, billing, and/or personal information most times communication is never pleasant. Haley was more than helpful, not …

Remarkable Service Read More »

Remarkable Service

Ryan L.

You guys are fantastic and I will always highly reccomend you for your quality and customer service! I just received my embroidered elven cloak and I love it! As a bigger guy it fit me perfectly! Thank you all so much for your help!!


Jared P.

Thank you so much for your diligent and personal customer service. Again thank you for your sincere effort in ensuring I received what I was looking for. I genuinely cannot ever recall having such a pleasant customer service experience. Idk how large of a company y’all are, but if you have a supervisor I’d very …

Pleasant Experience Read More »

Pleasant Experience

Nicholas B.

I just wanted to say thank you. This has been some of the fastest shipping and best customer service I have received in a while!

Fastest Shipping

John D.

I am a staple in the SCA in SoCal and I was very impressed with your customer service. I will highly recommend you going forward and will use your service myself in the future. 

Highly Recommended

Jesse W.

Thank you so much, Haley! I have to say that, between the phone call and the email about the potential out of stock item, this has been some of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. I’ve worked in shipping and receiving and I know that that’s many times quite hard to come by. Please …

Best Customer Service Read More »

Best Customer Service

Chris T.

Dear Medieval Collectibles, just received Grandson’s package! I’m excited. He’s not woken yet and I cant wait for him to open it. I’m as bad as him:) That was the fastest delivery I’ve ever had. You guys are awesome. Totally helpful and eager to please your customers. I couldn’t have done it on my own. …

I'm Excited Read More »

I'm Excited


Wanted to thank Haley for her excellent help and service while putting this costume together. I had so much fun and it was a big hit with the workers as well as the people in attendance. Thank you so much.

So Much Fun

Joe D.

This company provides quality product at fair prices and has EXCELLENT customer service, something I have not experienced in a very long time! Keep up the good work! Blessed Be!

Fair Prices

Heather H.

Your customer service is outstanding, and a personal Thank You to Sierra, Who Helped me keep my cool with UPS. … For real, I was very upset and frustrated with how they handled the delivery process.A “3 day priority express” should not take more than a week to arrive.My order did finally arrive and everything …

Actually Cared Read More »

Actually Cared

Christophe S.

Just received this a few minutes ago, and I am thrilled. 🙂 This came way earlier than I expected. Looks SO GREAT with my darkened chainmail. My wife has a matching black and green dress and we will surely be the hit at our local Ren-fest. THANK YOU for the fast service. Mytholon products ROCK! …

Thrilled Read More »


Mark M

Chelsey is an absolutely delightful young lady to deal with. She was very helpful & brought a smile to my face while being professional.

Brought a Smile

Cher U.

Hello, I don’t know if this is the right message board for this, I just wanted to say thank you, the medieval cutlery I ordered, I bought one for myself and one for a gift and they are awesome! Thanks again

Awesome Gift


Wow! Thank you, Mya and Sierra, you really made my shopping experience GREAT. You both have Great Customer Services and Values. I look forward to shopping again soon.

Service and Values

Robert S.

Your amazing customer service and wonderful selection keeps me coming back! Thank you, and you have a wonderful day as well.

Amazing Customer Service

Zachary Z.

Thanks so much for helping me out with this – I really appreciate it! I was really worried that I might be out of luck, when I saw that the figurine was broken, but you’ve made this supremely easy and non-stressful. Thanks, again, for everything!

Supremely Easy


Thanks, Mya! So I don’t really need to phone them after all. It was the word “Exception” that alarmed me, having not seen it before from UPS. I’ll be happy to see the brown overdress. As I said in my review of the green one I already have, I’ve found they’re great just to wear …

Great to Wear Read More »

Great to Wear

Margaret G.

Received my order yesterday, the Aaron Black Canvas Cloak. My son is absolutely delighted with it; appearance and construction. It is very well made, tight seams, sturdy fabric. I even checked the button at the neck closure, as I’d read some negative reviews about the button being loose. The button is …

Very Well Made Read More »

Very Well Made

S. Smith

I have always loved this store for many years and I will continue to shop here for the best prices! Thank you again so much.

Love For Years

Bryan E.

Thank you. I have enjoyed all of the items I have purchased from you, and wear them proudly whenever I have the opportunity! Your creations have been a valuable part of our Shakespeare Company for a number of years. Thank you again!

A Valuable Part

John B.

I’ve ordered quite a few items and they’ve all been of excellent quality. The one time I received an item that failed (due to a manufacturing defect), they quickly made right after receiving my photographs. Definitely a company you can feel safe ordering from.

Safe Ordering


Hi, just wanted to send a quick note and tell you how impressed I was with with my recent order. It shipped super quick and my wife and I were very happy with our belts. Thanks again for our excellent retail experience with your company

Excellent Experience

Eric L.

I had to contact your company twice in the passed couple of days. I spoke with Haley (@ ext. 124 ) both times. First she helped me set up the return of items that didn’t fit correctly, her friendliness and professional attitude made it a enjoyable call, all she gave info on what to do …

Continued Orders Read More »

Continued Orders

James E.

I recently ordered the Shadow Master Four Button Waistcoat. I received the order in just 1 1/2 days. Very impressive. Even more impressed in the quality of the item. We were skeptical that the vest would not be as BA as the picture on the website. Extremely happy new customer! Thank you!

Happy New Customer

Billy & Kathy

I’ve browsed your website for quite awhile and am subscribed to the mailing list. You’re products are great so I came here to get a specific revolver for a character I’m doing for Halloween. I realized after I ordered the item that it was out of stock and sent and email wondering if I would …

Coming Back Read More »

Coming Back

Phillip C.

Thank you so much, Mya. Your customer service is really exceptional, no joke. I am kind of blown away.

Blown Away

Thayer F.

Wow, what an incredibly fantastic collection of Medieval clothing and accessories and at fairly reasonable prices!!!! So glad you have added this collection your products.Wish you had done this years ago. Keep up the great selections. Thanks.

Fantastic Collection

Linda F.

I would just like to start off by saying thank you. I was very pleased with the experience of your site, your product assortment, and the ease of which I was able to handle my issues. The rep I spoke to on the phone, Ms. Sierra, was exceptional. Extraordinary in the truest sense of the …

Exceptional Rep Read More »

Exceptional Rep

Michael B.

I am sending you this to let you know the exemplary customer service Ihave had with an order I placed a while ago. Haley has been wonderful!!!!!!I purchased a coat for my husband that was not quite the quality I waslooking for, but she helped me find what I wanted and assisted with theorder. …

Exemplary Service Read More »

Exemplary Service

Martha G.

I am writing to let you know of the experience I had on the phone this morning with Haley. I can not even explain to you how happy she turned around a sad situation for me. First things first your company must value its customers because I had placed the order online the night before …

Great People Read More »

Great People

Scott W.

To whom it may concern, I just wanted to say thank you to your customer service staff. In particular Sierra. She was very helpful. Your warehouse was out of stock on the Tristan Leather Jerkin and the pant that went with the outfit. She contacted other warehouses to get me the size I needed and …

Definitely Recommended Read More »

Definitely Recommended

Justin M

You guys are fantastic and I will always highly reccomend you for your quality and customer service! I just received my embroidered elven cloak and I love it! As a bigger guy it fit me perfectly! Thank you all so much for your help!!

Fit Perfectly

Jared P.

I could not believe that I already received my robes yesterday! With all of the low-quality items out there, these days one never knows what one will really get. These robes are wonderful and excellently made and I am very pleased with them. It is possible that when the cream colored ones …

Wonderful Read More »


John Browder

Thank you, Mya! You are always so prompt and helpful. I’m very happy I chose Medieval Collectibles to get their shoes, for the customer service alone! Cheers,

Prompt and Helpful


Every time I’ve called, the service has been excellent. This last time, I’d ordered something and realized I needed it sooner than the shipping I’d paid for could get it to me by, plus it was out of stock, and Mya was very helpful in upgrading me to faster shipping and also making sure it …

Service Has Been Excellent Read More »

Service Has Been Excellent

Quinn B.

I truly appreciate your understanding and grace regarding this issue. I have updated my account’s default shipping information and believe that it is accurate and correct now. Thank you very much for your generosity! Your customer service skills are to be lauded and commended – and I deal with a lot …

Truly Appreciated Read More »

Truly Appreciated

Nathan E

Medieval Collectibles is a great place to shop for very unusual items and I like visiting the website on occasion and sometimes making a purchase for which I have always been pleased.Thank you again,

Great Place

Linda F.

I placed an order via text chat with your wonderful service person Mya. I had to write and let you know just how grateful I am with Mya’s excellent help. Last minute invite for my Granddaughter Audrey (7 years old) to attend a Narnia costume themed birthday party on Sunday. Thankfully, I stumbled on your …

My Lucky Day Read More »

My Lucky Day

Lee A

Your service has been excellent and has greatly impressed me. Thank you so much for the prompt timing of your responses. I shall wait patiently and I wish you a good day as well.

Prompt Timing

Trent L.

Thank you for your patience and effort. You definitely showed me that your company is reputable and changed my mind. I intend to continue my business with you, so store credit is fine. Thank you once again.

Patience and Effort

Darell M

I have to say, these are AMAZING! My daughter will love them. Look better then I thought they would. Came in a great packing. Thank you so much

Daughter Will Love Them

Esther S

Yesterday, I was upset because the items I wanted for our military ball were out of stock and were not expected to be in stock in time for me to wear them. So, I called in to make sure the ship times were correct on the website (which of course they were), and to see …

Bless Y'all Read More »

Bless Y'all

Rebekah L Bavry

I had some problems with my order. Fortunately my agent, Mya, was able to help me get everything sorted. She’s a badass. Looking forward to wrecking some shit with your products, and I will do so beautifully. Thanks again

She's a Badass

Mike M.

Just wanted to say thank you for all your help! I finally ordered an axe and had is shipped 2 day service since I took forever to makeup my mind. I appreciate your speedy responses and assistance! Please pass on my sentiments to your managers or owners, GREAT customer service! Your business had been recommend …

Speedy Responses Read More »

Speedy Responses


Thank you so much for your help. I am so impressed with your service, we will be lifelong customers at this rate.

So Impressed


We ordered several items and one shirt didn’t match the color shown on the website. The staff at Medieval Collectibles went out of their way to help us find a suitable replacement and shipped it to us in time for our event!  This is how you earn customers for life!  Thank You Medieval Collectibles and …

Went Out of Their Way Read More »

Went Out of Their Way

Trevor W.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the phenomenal Customer Service. You took your own time to look for alternatives for a pirate outfit for my wedding when the one I originally wanted was not in stock. You said you would call me back and you did with a lot of …

A Minute of Thanks Read More »

A Minute of Thanks

Karen C.

Thanks so much, Ashley! You and your team have been very patient with all my changes. Thanks for making it happen when we need it the most!

Making It Happen

Michael M.

I really like how quick you guys got back to me! Honestly if I could leave you at tip I would. Guess I’ll just need to order more cool stuff!

More Orders

Micah Richard

My word! You are Amazing! I can’t wait for my helm to get here! you just made my day. Also I was looking for that chest plate at other sites you’re price is the lowest so I’ll be sure to look through your goods before I shop anywhere else. Keep up the good work, Mya!

You Are Amazing

Micah Richard

I just want to thank you for the replacement of the fairy. You are a very professional company. I will recommend you to my friends and continu buying your items. Once again thank you very much.

Very Professional

V. Boza

Thank you for the fast shipping of my Leopold padded collar. All other collars similar to this have a far too high of a neck, making it difficult to wear an arming cap. This one, with the shorter neck, should work perfectly under my steel gorget and pauldrons. The Leopold padded bracers and greaves are …

Work Perfectly Read More »

Work Perfectly

Mark Moore

I recently ordered a Viking Throwing Axe from you and had a question about how the axe head is fixed to the shaft. I called in and a very helpful lady talked with me about it. She personally reached out to the supplier to ask the question on my behalf and then returned a call …

Personal Touch Read More »

Personal Touch

Paul Doomis

Thank you for the super service and fast delivery of the two tankards and the cuffed medieval pants! The tankards are simple, but very heavy-duty and well made. I bet with a little while in the freezer, they will keep a drink cold for hours. The pants fit perfectly, and look great with knee-high boots. …

Super Service Read More »

Super Service

Mark Moore

Thank you so very very much for ALL you help, All your efforts made a world of difference! I hope they recognize you for your OUTSTANDING care and above beyond customer service!

World of Difference

Christine Berner

I just got done doing a live chat with Mya.  I wanted to let you know that she was extremely helpful, courteous, and prompt with her answers. I gave her a couple of hard questions, and she researched them and helped me immensely. Please know that I appreciate the customer service, and will be a …

Returning Customer Read More »

Returning Customer

Leanne Berry

Your Customer Service department, in particular Representative Mya, is awesome! Quick to respond and assist. This is the first time I have gone through this department. I wish all customer service was this good. Kudos to you and your team. This alone will keep me coming back

Keeps Me Coming Back

Judy Reynolds

I am writing this note to say how much Mia was at helping me with my order. I ordered a cloak arm bracers a sword and the Tristan set. The sword was on back order so I had to choose a different one, which is ok cause I like the one better. there was a …

Thank You, Mia Read More »

Thank You, Mia

Stephen Wilson

Thank you for all your help! I received the steampunk bandit t-shirt the other day and it is great! I had looked at other sites trying to find a cool shirt for my boyfriend with no luck until you suggested this one. He loves it! So thanks again for your help. I wrote the code down for …

He Loves It Read More »

He Loves It

Chris Reinsfelder

Everything has been met and beyond on my end, thank you again for such a speedy response!  It’s wonderful to know that even in a situation such as this, customer service is first and foremost. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I look forward to searching more through your catalogue in the future! 

First and Foremost

Michael Rymski

I must say that on the customer service level, you do a really good job and it is appreciated.

Good Job

Vincent C

I’ve always loved your products and have been extremely satisfied with every order I’ve made. Recently I had a small issue so I called the Toll Free number and reached customer service representative. They were very nice and solved things quickly. I love your website and I intend to keep using it for a long …

Solved Quickly Read More »

Solved Quickly

Godric Belmont

Thank you so much!! You have great customer service which separates your company from the rest of the pack.

Separated from the Pack

James Weiner

I want to say how impressed I am with the entire family of your companies! You all have been amazing to do business with and I am in love with the items I’ve received from you.  Both the quality of your products and the experiences I’ve had working with you all on any issues that have come up have …

Life Long Customer Read More »

Life Long Customer

Josh Kaplan

Hello Melissa, Thank you, thank you, thank you. The tankard has arrived in the promised 3 business days and I love it! I will certainly be using your company in the future and recommending that others do so. Thank you very much for the excellent customer service and I will saying as much on those …

I Love It Read More »

I Love It

Sarah Groot

Excellent – this is why I really like dealing with your site.  You are so responsive and helpful.

So Helpful


I spent HOURS online trying to find pieces of clothing to complete the look for my costume. I was alarmed by how few companies specialize in the look/feel i was going for. After stumbling across Medieval Collectibles, i decided to take a chance of these guys. I have to say, I’m more than impressed. Shipping …

Complete the Look Read More »

Complete the Look

Aividlav Salohcin

I am sending you this note because this past Monday, I received superior service from one of your associates, Elizabeth.  I am hosting a Wild West party and needed an outfit to wear and had lots of questions and didn’t even know really which direction to go regarding styling.  Elizabeth was so kind and patient …

Superior Service Read More »

Superior Service

Sherry Pentecost

Dear Emily, I am sincerely grateful to you and your team for ensuring my order arrived on time. How did you manage to do it? All the way to Australia in such a short time! It meant a great deal to me that you were able to have my order delivered before our tango performance …

Sincerely Grateful Read More »

Sincerely Grateful

Roger Foreman
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