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History of Pirate Vests and Coats

During the Age of Exploration, pirates were known not only for their notorious stealing but also for their definitive style. While most pirate crew members wore any clothing they could find or steal, a pirate coat became an essential part of their aesthetic. These legendary pirate clothes have created a stereotype since the Golden Age of Pirates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Coat Is a Pirate Coat?

A pirate coat is called a “pirate frock coat.” A frock coat is generally a formal coat for men, which is characterized by a knee-length skirt cut all around the bottom that hangs just over the knee.

Unlike a formal frock coat, however, a pirate frock coat is more loosely designed. This long pirate coat was sometimes decorated with ornate braids and fabrics unlike the formal ones that look less embellished.

What Are the Definitive Accessories for Pirates Clothing?

Pirate clothing usually consists of a doublet. A doublet is a close-fitting padded jacket that was commonly worn during the 14th century until the 17th century. This jacket used to be quite expensive.

The overall outfit also consists of breeches (which were popular among English pirates), Monmouth caps (knitted caps), linen shirts, stockings, and pirate boots. This style was adopted by the seamen who turned to the life of a pirate.

How Do You Make a Pirate Jacket/Coat?

In creating a pirate frock coat, you must first identify the style you want and the materials you need.

Back then, the fabrics used to create frock coats were determined by how affluent the pirates were. For an ordinary frock coat, the materials included canvass, cotton, leather, linen, wool, and sheepskin. Some expensive materials included silk, velvet, sarcanet, damask, taffeta, and camlet.

At Medieval Collectibles, we have a wide range of pirate apparel that will match your preferences and needs. We use high-quality materials in our jackets and vests, including cotton velvet, canvas, poly satin, and more. You can also find different styles of pirate garments with quality buttons, functional pockets, and unique designs.

All our high-grade items have authentic pirate details, which make them great for medieval reenactments and renaissance fairs. Our coats and vests are available in different colors as well.

Dress Yourself Like a 14th or 17th Century Pirate

Feel like a captain with our period clothes at Medieval Collectibles and start your Captain Morgan-like adventures! We offer a wide array of buccaneer coats, pirate captain coats, and long period pirate vests to spruce up any pirate ensemble.

Our red velvet pirate coats and bold black pirate coats hint at your vast treasure hoard with their fine quality and elegant details. Our striped pirate jackets, brocade pirate coats, and leather pirate jackets provide more striking options for when you brave the open sea.

Some of our items are inspired by historical pirates like Blackbeard and Captain Morgan, so you can add authentic flair to your outfit with an infamous pirate vest or privateer coat. Available in several colors and sizes, these men’s swashbuckler jackets and sailor vests make a great final touch to your pirate apparel!

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