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Women have long fought beside their men on the battlefield, so they deserve armour tailored to the nuances of the female form. Medieval Collectibles is pleased to offer a selection of womens armour that works well for LARP events, re-enactments, or Renaissance fairs. We carry womens breastplates, armoured skirts, womens bracers, womens greaves, and other critical pieces of armour in high quality leather and metals. Our female leather armour remains lightweight enough for free movement, while still offering protection in combat. Not only are many pieces of our ladies armour functional, they look amazing with a high level of craftsmanship and detail. This female armour comes in fun styles for role-playing, including medieval armour and fantasy armour for a range of character types. Ideal for Valkyries, fantasy warriors, and medieval lady knights, our female armor makes a great choice for your next event!





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