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These authentic medieval dresses and Renaissance gowns provide a period look that seems straight from the pages of history. Renaissance dresses and full-length medieval robes offered by Medieval Collectibles are perfect for Renaissance fairs, historical re-enactments, and even as wedding gowns.

Our large selection of period raiment includes period fantasy dresses, ladies’ surcoats, Celtic robes, Scottish ensembles, peasant garbs, Saxon pinafores, and Norse overdresses.

In addition to these, we supply many elegant ball gowns suited for royalty of different eras, such as Victorian gowns, Baroque gowns, Regency gowns, and Elizabethan gowns. Our princess robes, lady-in-waiting gowns, and clothing for noblewomen create stunning period wedding dresses for a unique look on your special day.

Our women’s Medieval gowns are made from fine materials, like cotton velveteen or twill cotton with extravagant trims. The type of dress or gown you wore determined your social status in historical times. With that in mind, who will you be, a peasant, wench, servant, noblewoman, or princess?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Lords and Ladies Wear in Medieval Times?

Social standing and wealth played major roles in what men and women wore during the Middle Ages. Women of wealth and status wore floor-length dresses and tunics like peasant women, but the choice of material was very different.

Medieval noblewomen wore gowns made of luxurious and colorful fabrics with elaborate embroidery. Later, their clothing only became more elaborate and opulent. Wealthy noblewomen’s clothing was adorned with silver, gold, and pearl dress embellishments and accessories.

Men’s medieval clothing consisted of the basics (many of which are still worn today), such as tunics, doublets, clokes, robes, vests, baldrics, jerkins, sword belts, breeches, tights, hats, and pointed leather boots and shoes.

What Are Your Medieval and Renaissance Gowns Made Of?

Many of our Medieval and Renaissance clothes are made from fine materials, such as cotton velveteen, cotton twill, satin, and silk, to showcase a luxurious look fit for ladies of wealth and status. We also have less elaborate garments made from common fabrics, like lightweight cotton and cotton canvas, for historically accurate costumes.

Medieval Collectibles’ medieval- and Renaissance-styled women’s clothes pay close attention to details, like trims, necklines, and embellishments, to provide period- and status-appropriate attire for historical reenactments, live action role-playing (LARP) games, cosplay events, costume parties, and even weddings.

Find historically-accurate medieval or Renaissance dress costumes here at Medieval Collectibles!

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