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What use is there for a good hood? Why, when it comes to medieval styled garb, there are dozens of uses for one! Come check out the Hoods category at Medieval Collectibles to browse through a variety of cowls and covers, all of which can be used to shield yourself from the elements, while also adding dashes of style to your ensemble. Virtually any medieval ensemble can be complimented by a hood, whether it is worn for protection or for style. For reasons of style, a hood is a great accessory for brigands, bandits, assassins, nobles, knights, kings, and pretty much anyone else with a modicum of medieval style. Why? Hoods conceal the face and cover the features, allowing nobles to move about unnoticed, while keeping an assassin’s identifies carefully concealed. And those are only just a few of the ideas. On a more practical note, hoods are also perfect for spring, fall, and winter seasons, where the additional cover and layering will help to keep you dry, secure, cozy, and warm. What’s more, many of our hoods are available in different colors, and some are available in different sizes to ensure that there’s always a hood for you (those that don’t come in different sizes are sized to fit most adults). Are you trying to hide your face? Or are you just trying to keep your head warm in the winter months? Do you want to look cool, stylish, or mysterious? If you answered yes to any of these questions (or any combination of them), than you could probably benefit from one the stylish hoods founds here at Medieval Collectibles.

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