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Avast, me hearties! Here at Medieval Collectibles, wannabe buccaneers can find a fantastic array of men’s pirate clothes and women’s pirate apparel. Gents can brave the world as a dashing sea captain or a rakish picaroon, while ladies can appear as a saucy pirate wench or a commanding mistress of the ship! We offer complete pirate ensembles for those who need a privateer outfit on the double, or individual pieces of pirate clothing for folk who want to create a unique look. Men can browse through pirate shirts, swashbuckler coats, sailor vests, pirate pants, and more. The ladies also have a selection of period corsets, pirate bodices, leather bras, and pirate skirts to add to their look. When you want an ensemble that is worthy of sailing the high seas, you have a treasure trove of items to enjoy here in our collection of buccaneer clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Did Pirates Wear for Clothing?

Pirate clothing went through a lot of changes as each period passed, but they all had their distinct similarities. It was only during the renaissance period that ship companies had uniforms for their crew and captains.

Pirates clothing was generally loose for practical reasons. Pirates’ clothes had to be comfortable enough to allow them to move freely when working on ships. Most pirates didn’t wear shoes when working on the ship because going barefoot offered more grip against ropes and wet floors.

There was no uniform set of pirate clothing when on board, but the style and color of the clothes were similar and the materials used were the same due to practical and economical reasons. Pirates were not provided with uniform clothes because they were only hired on an “as-needed” agreement.

Clothes pirates wore were often sewn on board by crew members who were also accomplished sewers. They use their skills for mending sails, sewing clothes, and embellishing shirts.

One of the most distinct pieces of pirate clothing were the slops. These were smock, baggy trousers that ended just below the knee or above the ankles and were often worn with a loose white shirt.

Pirate clothing on board the ship was often different from the clothes pirates wore when going ashore. Most of the time it was the pirate captain who went ashore and wore different clothing from the crew.

The most iconic pirate clothing pieces were the pirate coat and the black pirate boots. A pirate outfit was often topped with the classic black tricorn hat, one of the classic pirate accessories.

Captains of the ship would wear anything they pleased, and their outfits were often flamboyant compared to the crew. Pirate coats were often worn by the captains. The coats were royal blue and worn over ruffled white shirts, while the end of the slops were tucked inside boots.

Some captains wore slip-on shoes instead of leather ankle boots. In this case, they wore tight white stockings instead of the loose slops to suit the style of footwear.

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