Medieval Pants & Hosen for Men


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  • Ketill Canvas Pants

    Ketill Canvas Pants

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  • Kasimir Canvas Trousers

    Kasimir Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY100098 $40.00 Add to Cart
  • Basic Medieval Pants

    Basic Medieval Pants

    SKU: MCI-2357 $35.00$45.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Hosen

    Medieval Hosen

    SKU: GB3870 $35.00 Add to Cart
  • Adventurer Pants

    Adventurer Pants

    SKU: MCI-505 $65.00$75.00 Add to Cart
  • Kilian Canvas Short Trousers

    Kilian Canvas Short Trousers

    SKU: MY100101 $30.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Pants

    Medieval Pants

    SKU: GB3821 $46.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Ragnar Viking Pants

    Ragnar Viking Pants

    SKU: BG-1021 $38.63$45.99 Add to Cart
  • Joerg Landsknecht Trousers

    Joerg Landsknecht Trousers

    SKU: MY100779 $80.00$111.00 Add to Cart
  • Period Tights

    Period Tights

    SKU: 100934 $45.00 Add to Cart
  • Ataman Canvas Trousers

    Ataman Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY100870 $56.00$59.00 Add to Cart
  • Gustav Canvas Pants

    Gustav Canvas Pants

    SKU: MY100442 $35.00$40.00 Add to Cart
  • Tilly Canvas Trousers

    Tilly Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY100788 $32.00$38.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Landsknecht Pants

    Medieval Landsknecht Pants

    SKU: MCI-2363 $65.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Mens Pants

    Medieval Mens Pants

    SKU: 100274 $45.00 Add to Cart
  • Cuffed Medieval Pants

    Cuffed Medieval Pants

    SKU: MCI-2361 $50.00 Add to Cart
  • Thorsberg Viking Pants

    Thorsberg Viking Pants

    SKU: BG-1020 $59.99 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Erikson Viking Pants - Black

    Erikson Viking Pants – Black

    SKU: HW-701395BK $36.00 Add to Cart
  • Ketill Wool Pants

    Ketill Wool Pants

    SKU: MY100449 $50.00$57.00 Add to Cart
  • Locksley Pants

    Locksley Pants

    SKU: 100474 $59.00 Add to Cart
  • Braies Medieval Trousers

    Braies Medieval Trousers

    SKU: MCI-3006 $30.00 Add to Cart
  • Wigbold Medieval Pants

    Wigbold Medieval Pants

    SKU: BG-1014 $59.99 Add to Cart
  • 15th Century Pants

    15th Century Pants

    SKU: GB3134 $51.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Erikson Viking Pants - Brown

    Erikson Viking Pants – Brown

    SKU: HW-701395BR $36.00 Add to Cart
  • Philipp Canvas Trousers

    Philipp Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY100099 $40.00 Add to Cart
  • Tudor Short Trousers

    Tudor Short Trousers

    SKU: MY100475 $41.00$45.00 Add to Cart
  • Wanderer Pants

    Wanderer Pants

    SKU: MCI-289 $82.00$92.00 Add to Cart
  • Franklin Canvas Shorts

    Franklin Canvas Shorts

    SKU: MY100883
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    $38.00$43.00 Add to Cart
  • Simple Harem Pants

    Simple Harem Pants

    SKU: SS-HAREM $50.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Ignis Pants

    Ignis Pants

    SKU: MCI-3471 $52.50$75.00 Add to Cart
  • Brandolf Warrior Chausses

    Brandolf Warrior Chausses

    SKU: BG-1017 $35.99 Add to Cart
  • Kergon Pants

    Kergon Pants

    SKU: BG-1115
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    $59.99 Add to Cart
  • Victor Canvas Battle Skirt

    Victor Canvas Battle Skirt

    SKU: MY100481
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  • Men's Basic Medieval Pants

    Men’s Basic Medieval Pants

    SKU: MCI-290 $49.00$59.00 Add to Cart
  • Ranulf Thorsberg Canvas Trousers

    Ranulf Thorsberg Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY101316
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  • Fitted Calf Pirate Pants

    Fitted Calf Pirate Pants

    SKU: MCI-727
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  • French Baron Breeches

    French Baron Breeches

    SKU: MCI-282 $65.00$75.00 Add to Cart
  • Pollard Canvas Trousers

    Pollard Canvas Trousers

    SKU: MY101315 $40.00 Add to Cart
  • Hosen


    SKU: SS-HOSE $60.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Erikson Viking Pants - Grey

    Erikson Viking Pants – Grey

    SKU: HW-701395GY
    Rated 0 out of 5
    $36.00 Add to Cart

Whether you prefer to dress as a lowly medieval peasant or powerful Renaissance lord, you can find period mens legwear to suit your style at Medieval Collectibles. We offer mens medieval pants ranging from period shorts to knee-length breeches to full-length medieval trousers. Our assortment of period hosen and mens medieval tights look great underneath the court garb of a medieval courtier. Many of our mens period pants are long enough to tuck into your knee-high boots and look great with mens doublets and medieval vests that we carry. Some of our mens period trousers are made of leather, velvet, cotton, or twill, and most of them have a drawstring waist. Our medieval trews come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Our swordsman pants, mens harem pants, and mens Victorian trousers offers just a few more of the looks provided within this section. Most of these items are authentic to the period and are appropriate for SCA re-enactments, LARP events, weddings, Renaissance festivals, theater and more!

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