Leather Armor

Our leather armour is crafted from armor grade leather (13-15 oz.), which ensures a long life and premium durability. We also have some leather armor crafted from 7/8 oz. leather, which is best for theater or LARP.

As a result, just about all our medieval leather armor (except for the leather helmets) is appropriate for the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). It is also great for LARP and other re-enactments, or for hanging out at a Renaissance fair.

Leather armor was allegedly one of the most popular types of armor used in the early medieval era. It was deemed to be fairly popular among the masses, and especially by the lower classes because it was cheap and easy to produce.

Although the origins and use of leather for armor are highly debated, everyone can agree that it did not require any special skills to mold and make leather armor compared to making a type of metal armor like ring mail or plate mail. Any ordinary medieval soldier could repair leather armour or reinforce it if needed.

Whether you need leather armour for protection, to portray accuracy, or both, mobility is an important factor to consider. No matter what material a suit of armor is made of, wearers will need full range of motion to move, fight, and guard.

Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry a variety of leather armor sets and pieces from traditional medieval designs to awesome fantasy styles. We have leather arm armor which includes leather bracers, pauldron, gauntlets, and even full arm armours.

Our leather leg armor selection contains leather greaves, sabatons, cuisse armor, and full leg armour. Leather breastplates, cuirasses, and harnesses are located under our leather body armor section. Finally, we have leather gorgets, bevors, and mantles to provide armor and protection for the neck and shoulder areas.

Medieval Collectibles’ leather and LARP armour are priced right with a peasant’s pay kept in mind. In other words, for you modern folks, it is pretty affordable. So, have a look and see what we have to offer.

In addition, any suggestions are welcome, as are custom orders. We accept orders whether it’s for LARP use in the medieval or even Renaissance era. Please see each individual item for leather thickness and other details. Check out our selection of leather armour packages as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Was leather used as armor?

Leather was one of the most useful materials in the past because it is used in clothing in armor. In the past, thick leather was used to make protective vests and jackets. Later, metal plates were added to make the armour stronger. It is cheap to produce and that is why it is accessible to many including the poorer folks.

Can leather armour stop a sword?

No. Realistically, a leather armor set offers minimal protection as both clothing and armor. Although it is a flexible material, it can be easily cut by sharp blades and doesn’t do much protection for blunt weapons.

Is studded leather armor real?

There is debate whether studded leather armor was ever used as medieval armour in the past as studs hold no practical purpose other than decoration. However, aesthetically they look good as costumes in fantasy series and shows, cosplay, and for LARP.

Can a leather armour set stop arrows?

No, it cannot. Arrows are piercing projectiles that can easily go through thin and feeble materials such as leather.

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