Medieval Bodices


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Gather around, maidens and wenches of the medieval and Renaissance eras, for a great selection of impressive period garments! At Medieval Collectibles, we carry a number of different womens period bodices, all styled to complement historical, modern, and fantasy outfits. Take a moment to browse through these historical womens vests and Renaissance bodices to see our selection of wench bodices, peasant bodices, medieval lady vests, underbust bodices, boned bodices, and more. Some items are reversible, some are available in vivid colors, and many are available in different sizes. Virtually all of these womens bodices and medieval vests are perfect for any number of situations, ranging from historical re-enactments to fantasy role-playing. So if you are looking for a new garment to wear with your favorite blouses, why not take a moment to browse through here and see what you find?

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