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Suit up! Get ready for battle in one of our finely crafted full suits of armor. All functional suits of armor are safe to use for reenactment purposes. With a great price range, an entire suit of armor can fit into anyone’s budget. These functional suits of armor are made of high-quality steel, and some are custom-made to ensure historical authenticity and quality and come with a sword.

Medieval Collectibles has many different styles of functional armor, such as Tournament Armor, Knight’s Armor, Gothic Armor, Battle Armor, and full suits of Samurai Armor. When you are not wearing your armor, put it on display in your home, all our suits of armor come with a display stand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Knight’s Armors Called?

During the Middle Ages, knights wore two types of armors to protect themselves: a chain mail and a solid plate armor. Although the image of a knight in shining armor has pervaded pop culture, in reality, knights were not the only ones who wore armors, because they didn’t go to battle by themselves. They were accompanied by a retinue of foot soldiers, who also wore armors to protect themselves.

The chain mail, made of thousands of interlinkings iron rings, gave protection while allowing freedom of movement. It was worn together with a hooded coat called hauberk, trousers, gloves, and shoes to cover the knight’s entire body.

On the other hand, an entire suit of plate armor consisted of separate plates and metal parts, including a breastplate, helmet, gauntlets, and sabatons, which covered the wearer’s entire body, including their head.

Contrary to popular belief, plate armors did not greatly impair the wearer’s movement. The metal parts were not so heavy as to restrict movement, and they were connected by movable rivets and leather straps to allow mobility.

What Are Your Armors Made Of?

Medieval Collectibles armors are made from high-quality steel or aluminum crafted to perfection. Some of our pieces are custom-made to recreate historically accurate medieval suits worn for protection during field battles.

An armor consists of separate lames (strips of metal) and plates, which are curved to adhere to a person’s limbs. The individual metal parts are linked using movable connectors or fasteners, so they are fully articulated. This means you can wear your armor if you want to!

How Much Do Medieval Knights’ Armor Weigh?

The average weight of an entire armor ranges from 45 to 55 pounds (20 to 25 kilograms) while the helmet weighs between 4 to 8 pounds (2 to 4 kilograms), according to this article by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Medieval Collectibles’ complete set of plate armor, including the breastplate, gauntlet, and helmets, together with base, weighs between 70 to 118 pounds (31 to 86 kilograms). All our armors come with a wooden base and stand while some also come with a sword.

Our armors can be used for decoration or worn for live-action role plays, cosplays, historical reenactments, or theater plays.


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