Firearm Replicas

Do you need a firearm stage prop or are you a firearm collector? We have many replica firearms from the past and modern times. From the Civil War, we carry Civil War pistols, Civil War rifles, and Civil War muskets, which are truly authentic to that time period. Remember the old flintlocks that were used before the Civil War. Well we have them, Flintlock muskets, Flintlock rifles, flintlock pistols, and blunderbuss pistols. Flintlocks are great for stage props, and pirate costumes and outfits. If you are looking to be an outlaw, U.S. Marshall or a cowboy we have western pistols, six shooters, western revolvers and western rifles. Finally we have modern firearm replicas like the AK-47 tactical assault rifle and the Lee Enfield rifle. All our firearm replicas have functional parts like the trigger and cylinder but that will not fire live ammunition. These firearm replicas cannot be altered to fire making them very safe for children and collectors. Please use these firearm replicas responsibly.

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