The high quality footwear here at Medieval Collectibles features a number of excellent boots and shoes for your wardrobe. Available in sizes for men, women, and children, our footwear comes in a range of styles, including medieval and Renaissance, Gothic, pirate, and steampunk shoes. Our period footwear includes a number of medieval leather boots and historical shoe styles perfect for re-enactments and Renaissance fairs. Our Gothic footwear features a number of distinctive designs like combat boots and witch heels with spikes, studs, skulls, and other bold details. Our pirate shoes offer a number of styles with particularly nautical flair like leather boots with folded cuffs. Finally, our steampunk boots and shoes display many unique looks ranging from Victorian riding boots to gear-studded heels and beyond. You can further dress up your selected pair of shoes by adding some of our eye-catching boot toppers, spats, or leg warmers to get the look you want. Whether you want Roman sandals for a gladiator costume, silk slippers to suit a Renaissance lady, or some dramatic Gothic knee high boots for a night out, you can find many options perfect for your needs.

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