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Whether you’re searching for an adult Halloween costume or attending a Renaissance Faire, Medieval Collectibles has just the right costume for you. You can also attend a Halloween party in a medieval costume. Will you be a peasant or a royal? Browse our selection of child and adult Renaissance costumes and clothing for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Renaissance People Dress?

Social and economic status determined how people dressed during the period. Labor and other costs made clothes expensive; peasants owned fewer pieces and rarely bought new ones.

The upper class set fashion trends and wore more layers of garments than those in the lower class. A shirt would suffice for the common menfolk, while noblemen would wear a fancy doublet over it. Lower-class women would wear looser clothing that allowed them to do housework or work in the fields. Check out Renaissance dresses and women’s clothing.

In addition, sumptuary laws existed to avoid excesses and keep people’s clothing and weaponry in check according to their station in life. The Elizabethan sumptuary laws decreed that purple silk and sable fur were reserved for royals and members of the nobility.

What Did the Upper Class Wear During the Renaissance?

What did the rich wear during the Renaissance? These clothing pieces formed a noble or moneyed person’s ensemble back in the day:

  • For men: shirt, doublet, jerkin, hose (upper hose and nether hose)
  • or women: dress, shift, petticoat, corset, girdle, stockings

The wealthy wore their opulence to parties and in portraits, such as those of the powerful Medici family of Florence or the Tudors, who led the English Renaissance. The elaborate and richly colored clothing, topped with jewelry and makeup, inspired the Renaissance costume or look of today.

Are you dressing up for a Renaissance festival or a reenactment? If so, then you have come to the right place.

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