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The main weapon of the medieval period was the spear, not only for peasants but also for professional soldiers and even the noblemen.

It was more effective at downing a charging wild boar because the blade created a wider, more lethal wound. It was equally as effective in battle, ripping holes in chainmail and armour. The spear is relatively low in cost compared to a sword or axe.

Use in Real Life

This medieval armament was relatively easy to use and very light in weight. It could also be quickly manufactured and used at a considerable distance from the target or enemy.

We have different kinds of spears for sale, like those used by the Vikings and Romans. We also have other variants for thrusting, boar hunting, throwing, assegai, and spearheads. All our medieval items are fully functional and very durable for hunting, fishing or re-enactments.

Appearances in Fictional Works

In video games, television series, and movies, a spear is a common weapon used by the militia. Though it’s aimed for melee combat, it can also be used as a one-time long-ranged weapon.

In some magical and fantasy works, a fantasy spear can be hunting spears or short spears imbued with magical enchantments. In video games, a spear can have special abilities like poisoned blades.

Heroes and units sometimes use a fantasy spear as their primary weapon. The fantasy spear can have special abilities like increased attack, stunning effects, and increased killing chance. If you’re a cosplayer, we have a spear for sale that might match your costume.

A tactical spear, however, usually appears on assassins. Unlike a fantasy spear, it does not have special abilities. Most of the time, it focuses on the warrior’s skill. We have a spear for sale that may imitate a similar build for this use.

The blade of a fantasy spear differs in form and design. It may have more than one blade depending on the character design and fighting style.

Moreover, the blade itself may be imbued with magic that can perform long-range attacks. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we have a fantasy spear for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Carry a Spear?

In real-life use, a spear can be carried by holding it or by tying it at the back of the warrior. It differs in length and blade. But, most of the time, it only has a straight blade on top.

In fictional works, carrying a fantasy spear differs depending on the character’s design.

Where to Buy a Spear?

If you’re looking for a spear for sale, Medieval Collectibles has various types of spear designs that can be used for hunting or display.

Our spears for sale can be used as props or for hunting purposes. Take extra caution with the blade when carrying it.

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