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When Viking helmets are mentioned, the thought of a fantasy-style helmet with wings or horns comes to mind. While we do offer those types of Viking helmets, we also offer the historically accurate versions of Viking helmets, which feature hinged cheek plates, nasal guards and simple lines.

Not all Viking-era helmets or Norse helmets have cheek plates. Our Norman helmets usually have a conical shape to them while the Viking styles are more rounded on the top. Our Viking helmets and Norman helmets are fully functional and full size, making them great for re-enacting or for SCA combat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Viking Helmet Called?

There are only five Viking helmets that remain today while the rest are only fragments. The most complete is the Gjermundbu helmet. Contrary to popular belief, Vikings preferred simpler and more practical helmet designs.

Viking-era helmets feature the spangenhelm style of helm, which used several pieces of iron joined together to form the bowl and nose guard. Except for the Gjermundbu helmet, there is little to go on to accurately picture what kinds of headgear the Viking were wearing during their time.

What Were Viking Helmets Used For?

Very little evidence remains of helmets worn by Vikings. Right now, there is only one complete helmet remaining that is attributed to the Vikings. Researchers speculate the many warriors during that time did not wear helmets, or they did not bury the headgear together with the fallen.

Another reason is that headgear was used by the upper class in place of a crown and was passed on to the succeeding generations. Experts also say that the Vikings’ helmets were made of thin metal or subpar iron, which could not survive over time.

Did Vikings Have Horns on Their Helmets?

Vikings likely did not wear helmets with horns according to the evidence that remains of Viking-era armor. However, there are depictions from the era of people wearing horned headgear, so they may have worn them for cultic purposes.

Did Vikings Wear Winged Helmets?

No, they did not. The traditions and stories of Vikings were mostly passed on orally from one generation to another. The myths about Viking-era armor likely stemmed from this. Movies, TV shows, comics, games, and literature have also played a huge role in popularizing the image of winged or horned Viking headgear.

Why Medieval Collectibles?

We have a wide selection of armor and weapons from different eras and cultures. Want historically accurate clothing, armor, and weaponry? We’ve got them. Looking for historical costumes for cosplay or live-action roleplay? We’ve got them too. Our products are created with the highest level of craftsmanship and detail so they accurately depict the styles and feel of the era and culture where they came from.

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