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A Gothic clothing craze is sweeping the nation. Punky, dark, and delightfully decadent, this style takes contemporary designs and gives them a dark touch that appeals to the modern man and woman. At Medieval Collectibles, we have a wide section that is filled to brim with great Gothic clothing. Here, you will find all sorts of things that are wicked and wild, ranging from grim angels to classic reapers and more! Our Gothic garments are sure to please with a whole range of Gothic and punk clothing types from Gothic shirts for all seasons, printed Gothic hoodies, leather jackets, Gothic pants, spiked corsets, brocade vests, Gothic dresses, tattered skirts, and more! We offer everything from casual to formal attire, as well as everything in between. Many of our pieces display Gothic images including witches, angels, wolves, reapers, skeletons, devils, and other popular graphic designs. Ladies and gents can enjoy browsing through our Gothic attire, assuming that they do not mind looking a little wicked when they show up sporting the latest in great Gothic fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Gothic Clothing Style?

Dressing up is a form of self expression and a way to provide identity. One of the most popular styles is Goth clothing. Its brooding aesthetic and dark aura are often perceived as strange or perverse because of the boldness.

The clothes that Gothic people often wear today are heavily influenced by the 18th and early 19th centuries, when poetry and writings of Edgar Allan Poe and H.P. Lovecraft rose to fame.

Gothic beliefs revolve around darkness and misery, and include fascination for witchcraft, ghosts, death, and macabre tales. The clothes Goth people wear are visual reflections of these themes, which is why the Gothic clothing style is often associated with black, leather, dark velvet, studs, and corsets.

Aside from the classic Goth style, there are other Gothic clothing styles such as Victorian Goth, romantic Goth, Gothic lolita, and steampunk Goth. They all have subtle differences to set them apart, but they all have one prominent characteristic — the dominance of the color black.

How to Make a Gothic Dress?

Gothic dresses are often black and paired with dark makeup. Sounds boring? It really isn’t. It takes more than just wearing all black clothing to really say you’re wearing Goth clothes.

Corsets are one of the most noticeable details in Gothic dresses, which were popular during the Victorian and medieval ages. They made a girl’s body take the shape of an hourglass when wearing dresses, which was considered flattering and attractive. They may be good to look at, but they’re uncomfortable to wear. That’s why corsets today are softer.

When it’s too hot to wear leather, velvet, or corsets, a Gothic dress may also be styled with fishnets. They can be worn on the arms and legs, and paired with a lace-trimmed long skirt.

Other important details and accessories to keep in mind when making a Gothic dress include black leather boots, metal chains, studs, and chokers. Others may also opt to have body piercings and tattoos to complete their look.

For the finishing touches, a Gothic dress is best paired with dark makeup. This includes black nails, dark eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and dark lipstick.

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