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In the ancient days, a corset was a garment to wear when a woman wanted to show off a trim waist as part of her silhouette. As the corset fell in and out of style, it evolved until it became the ornamental clothing item that we have here at Medieval Collectibles. These period corsets are perfect for adding that impressive touch of style to any historical look. Our corsets come in a variety of type and styles, ranging from simple twill corsets that make for great wench bodices to lace corsets and brocade corsets that are ideally suited for adding regal style to any medieval or renaissance costume. Our leather corsets can double as wench corsets and apparel for warrior women. Some of our corsets are designed for waist training, which means that they are made from stronger materials and can be cinched tight enough to provide a reduction in waist size. Take a moment to browse through our colorful sweetheart corsets, and pick out a few favorites. Not only do our overbust corsets make a historic and stylish addition to costumes, but they make a sultry and seductive adornment for contemporary looks!

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