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What’s a pirate without a hat? Still a pirate, but probably an irate one, whose missing hat is likely still a sore issue that’s best left unmentioned. If you’re one of these hatless pirates, then don’t despair. Just check out Medieval Collectibles, where you can browse our Pirate Hats section until you find just what you want! We carry all manner of pirate hats, ranging from the incredibly ornate to the classically simple, and each one of them is perfectly suited for any scallywag to wear whenever they’re off sailing the high seas in search of pillage and plunder. Many (but not all) of our pirate hats are classic tricorn hats, which are commonly and famously associated with pirates, oftentimes being the hat of choice for such famous pirates as Captain Jack Sparrow and Captain James Hook. Other pirate hats are bicorn hats, while others still are bandanas, wraps, and head-ties, all of which featuring classic pirate style. Whether you’re putting together a pirate costume for the first time or seeking a replacement hat (either to replace one already lost or just to preempt disaster), you can find virtually all the Pirate Hats you’ll ever need or want here at Medieval Collectibles. Please note, however, that some pirates rank each other based on their hats, and that a grand hat might invite challenges from your own captain, or from other captains who think themselves your better.


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