Functional Armour

Medieval Collectibles has a large variety of fully functional battle ready steel armour. We have many pieces of functional steel armour such as body armour, leg armour, arm armour, and full suits of armour. Functional body armour pieces include functional breastplates, backplates, cuirasses and harnesses. In functional leg armour we have everything from greaves to thigh armour. Arm armour includes functional arm bracers, pauldrons, gauntlets and spaulders. Many pieces of our functional steel armour are custom made to your measurements and you can select what type of steel, gauge of steel or thickness and color. Our functional steel armour is used by SCA groups, medieval fairs, movies, LARP events, and reenactments. We add new functional armour pieces monthly so always check back with us for the most current pieces of steel armour from around the world.

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