Functional Armour Packages


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Our Complete Armour Packages include all the essential pieces needed so you are ready for battle right away. We have a variety of sets available from arm bracer and greave sets to full suits of armour. Some of the sets include a steel breastplate, steel backplate, pauldrons, tasset belt, arm bracers and greaves. These Armour Sets are very versatile, depending on the event you’re in you can choose to wear all the pieces or only some of the pieces. The armour is crafted from 18 gauge steel and includes all leather straps and buckles needed for wearing. We recommend any of our gambesons to be worn under the armour for comfort and ease of movement without any pinching. Great for LARP, Theater, Movies, Costumes and the SCA (check with your local chapter for approval).

Memory: 130MB (25.39% of 512MB)
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