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Halberds were effective combat and cavalry warfare weapons during the medieval era in Europe. Skilled soldiers on the ground could easily take down their opponents on horseback using halberds.

The halberd weapon was considered one of the most versatile and innovative weapons of its time. Its origins could be traced from the Swiss armies in the early medieval period, and its use spread to other parts of Europe in the 16th century. The halberd is a type of pole weapon that is approximately six feet in height.

The handle of the halberd weapon is a long wooden pole. The halberd has three parts that make up the axe head. The ax blade is for slicing through armor, and the pike is for thrusting. Lastly, the hook is used to take down armed opponents on horseback as they ride by and helps snag them off their mount during combat. The halberd is like three tools in one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Halberd?

The main advantage of the halberd weapon is the axe head mounted on top of the long wooden pole. It is made so strong that the blade can pierce metal, and that is why it was the primary weapon used against medieval knights in Europe. If the horseback attackers are not yet dislodged from their mounts, the hook helps them immensely. You need to have ample training to be able to wield the halberd efficiently. It can be a deadly weapon once it is in masterful hands.

As for the disadvantage, the halberd cannot be used in close-range combat. Foot soldiers assigned to wielding this weapon are trained to keep enemies from coming in at close quarters to decrease the efficacy of the halberd.

Who Made Halberd Weapons?

During the medieval era, it was the blacksmiths who forged halberd weapons. Compared to other blades, the halberd was easy and cheap to produce and required iron and steel. The axe blade was handcrafted to be mounted on long wooden poles and reinforced with metal strips to strengthen the axe head and the shaft together.

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