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Sometimes you need to add a bit of extra style to your legs and your footwear. For those times, consider trying out a pair of spats, boot covers, gaiters, or even leg warmers! Medieval Collectibles offers quite the selection of spats and boot covers, all styled so that when you need that extra touch for your look, you can find it here in a cool accent to wear about your legs. This section is filled with all kinds of cool accents in traditional, gothic, and steampunk styles, allowing you to accent your look with whatever era or theme you desire! Spats are traditionally shorter, covering only the ankles and the tops of the shoe. They are a great accent for steampunk looks, and go well with more sophisticated styles as well. Gaiters and leg guards are longer and a bit more protective, making them ideal for gothic looks as well as styles that need that protective appearance. Leg warmers can be of many different lengths and come in a variety of styles, so you can use them with a variety of looks. Boot covers can also vary in length, and are perfect for easily changing the appearance of your footwear. So if you find yourself looking for something to accent your legs and set your look apart, consider taking the time to browse through the spats and boot covers found here at Medieval Collectibles. You might find just the accessory you need for your style, whether it is modern, gothic, pseudo-steampunk, or Victorian inspired.

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