Women's Pirate Bodices Corsets & Bras


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A feisty pirate lady needs no introduction since she is sure to be wearing an excellent pirate wench bodice, sweetheart corset, or leather bra! Here at Medieval Collectibles, we offer many underbust corsets, overbust corsets, pirate bras, and buccaneer bodices. Our wench bodices and steel-boned corsets lift the bust and give you a great silhouette for an authentic period look from the golden age of piracy. Our studded leather bras provide a unique look for your womens pirate captain ensemble and can be worn over a pirate blouse, if desired. Take a moment to browse through our assortment of pirate corsets, swashbuckler bodices, and leather bikini tops, and you are sure to see something that strikes your fancy!

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