Leather Frogs

We have leather frogs are hand crafted from top grade leather. We have a wide variety of frogs that can be used for medieval fairs, re-enactments, LARP or LRP and SCA events. Leather frogs that you will find in this category include sword frogs, axe frogs, dagger frogs, rapier frogs and mug frogs. These frogs were designed to carry your favorite weapon, sword, dagger, or axe to that medieval fair or reenactment. Our leather frogs can be worn on the left or right side and are available in wide variety of colors. We have even given our customers the option to select what type of hardware to be used, steel (silver) or brass (gold). The sword frogs, rapier frogs and dagger frogs have either laces or straps that easily can be adjusted for the blade width.

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