Boy's Medieval & Renaissance Clothing


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What young boy has not wanted to dress up like a knight, pirate, or lord? Here at Medieval Collectibles, you will find a wide assortment of period clothing for boys. Our medieval tabards and tunics will ensure you look like a proper squire or musketeer. Alternately, dress up like a member of the Renaissance nobility or a lowly medieval serf with our range of period shirts and medieval breeches, or escape to the high seas with our pirate coats, pirate pants, and sailor shirts. Boys can also enjoy a look with a fantasy twist with our array of medieval cloaks, monks robes, and children’s capes. We offer a range of boys clothing to help create a complete period ensemble. Accessories like a sailor vest, pirate sash, or Scottish kilt could just be the thing he needs to finish off his next outfit. Take a moment to browse this category, and you will be sure to see something perfect for a boy to enjoy!

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