Medieval Gambeson Vest Jacket & Arming Coat


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If you are wearing steel armor, a medieval gambeson or padded under armor is a necessity. A medieval gambeson will help eliminate being pinched by the steel plate armor every time you move.

Medieval gambesons are popular for wearing under steel, leather, or chainmail armor for added comfort and protection. They come in a variety of colors that range from black, brown, and white. Our functional gambesons come in sizes from small to extra large.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Gambeson?

Used by knights and soldiers during the Middle Ages, a gambeson is a padded armor jacket worn under full steel or leather armor or chainmail. A gambeson is made with a variety of stuffing for armor padding, like scrap cloth or horsehair, and is constructed using a sewing technique called quilting. A gambeson is also known as an aketon, padded jack, or arming doublet.

Medieval knights and soldiers always wore gambesons under their metal armor to absorb shock and prevent chafing and pinching. A gambeson also provided extra protection and warmth to the wearer.

What Is Gambeson Made Of?

Traditionally, a gambeson is made from wool or linen. They are quilted and stuffed with a variety of padding materials, like scrap cloth or horsehair.

A modern gambeson uses different materials for the outer layer and inner lining, like cotton, polyester, cowhide suede, and fabric blends, which are readily available. For the padding, they use wool felt, cotton, polyester, and twill for greater comfort when worn. The protective garment is secured using belts, buckles, leather loops, or ties.

Medieval Collectibles offers different styles of gambesons: vests, jackets, and doublets. We have thigh-length ones and shorter ones with long sleeves, short sleeves, or without sleeves.

Some of gambeson designs are modelled after real gambesons from the Middle Ages for historical accuracy. Our products are quilted, layered, and secured with historically accurate belts, buckles, straps, and ties for the utmost authenticity.

Get historically-accurate, high-quality medieval jackets for reenactments, LARP, cosplay, and other events here at Medieval Collectibles!

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