Elves are highly popular fantasy characters. From Tolkien to video games like World of Warcraft, these pointy-eared figures are a common sight across pop culture. Here, we want to make it easy for you to shop all of our elven-themed pieces, especially licensed Lord of the Rings gear. Elves come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. No matter what kind of elf you wish to dress up as, we are sure to have a piece of elven clothing that will work for your aesthetic. Our pieces come in multiple styles, colors, and sizes. With our pieces you can easily become a high elf, elemental elf, or dark elf. You can also add one of our crowns and tiara as well as some pieces of jewelry to your elf outfit. They are ideal for becoming an elven princess or noble. Whether you want to fight in a LARP battle or in a reenactment, there is a foam or functional weapon ready for any elven warrior. Our weapons include swords, daggers, spears, and much more. There are also some decorative weapons that are perfect for cosplaying or decorating your home. These decorative pieces include LOTR weapons so you can dress up as your favorite Tolkien elf. Besides weaponry, get ready for any fantasy battle with some great elven armour. Our armour can cover you from head to toe. There is steel and leather elf armour. When you want to relax, ensure that your space fits your fantasy aesthetic. You can decorate your favorite space with our elven home decor. Stop by Medieval Collectibles to check out our great selection of Elven armour, clothing, weapons, and collectibles.

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