Leg Armor & Thigh Armor

In this section you will find a large variety of functional steel leg armour. We have full steel legs, knee cops, greaves, sabatons, cuisse and thigh armour all worthy of the battle field. All of our functional leg armor found here is made to be used. We have full leg armour that protects the entire leg from the thigh or upper leg, knees and lower leg area. Functional greaves are designed to protect the lower leg and they come in pairs. Functional Cuisse or thigh armour protects the upper part of the leg. We also carry functional sabatons that prevent a sword or spear from going through your foot. Most of our leg armour comes with options like type of steel, gauge of steel or thickness of material and size. We have many pieces of functional leg armour from Medieval styles to fantasy style ones. Whether you do LARP, SCA or Live Blade fighting, we have something for you.

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