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Medieval Collectibles has a full line of Medieval and fantasy styled cloaks, full-length robes, and period capes to choose from. Our medieval cloaks and hoods are the perfect pieces of garb for winter, as a nice warm cloak will keep you toasty in cooler weather while still providing a period look.

Whether you need a cape or cloak for Renaissance festivals, LARP, weddings, theater, or any kind of fantasy event or occasion, we are the place to go to find the cloak or other outer garment you need. Our items are suitable for most historical periods and characters.

Each and every Renaissance cloak and medieval hooded cape we offer are made of heavyweight, high-quality materials. We use a variety of fabrics including velvet, wool, linen, and canvas to mimic the material and feel of the textiles used in making a traditional cloak in the past. Some items are lined and trimmed with polyester fur to give it an authentic look.

Hooded cloaks and capes were worn to serve the same purpose as a jacket in the modern era, which is to protect the wearer from harsh elements like the wind, cold, or rain. They are generally fastened at the neck or over the shoulder and may come attached with a hood. Its length can vary from all the way down to the ankle, the mid-calf, or shorter to the hip.

Later along the time period, it was considered fashionable to wear a cloak or hood to match the inner outfit. As trade flourished among European countries due to peace and stability, new fabrics for clothing were invented. As fashion became more well-known, royals and nobles used luxurious fabric to signify their wealth and status.

Additionally, more cloak colors also became more accessible over time, and accessories such as cloak pins were used to complete looks.

We carry a line of cloaks, robes, mantles, and capes of many kinds. Ideal for men and women, you can get a cape or cloak in full-length, shoulder-length, and everything in between. Browse through our selection, and you are sure to discover a great piece for authentic medieval outerwear for any particular look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for a cloak?

The best material for a cloak depends on what you want or who you want to dress up as. Wealthy nobles and royals favored luxurious textiles with gold and fur trim for their cloaks while the poorer folks used cheaper materials.

What was a medieval cloak made out of?

There are many types of fabric used in the medieval times when it came to making a warm, sturdy cloak. Softer fabrics that were finely woven tend to be more expensive. A range of textiles were created in varying weights and quality and available to those who could afford them. Some of the materials used during that time that could be found in a typical cloak included wool, linen, velvet, hemp, cotton, silk, fur, and leather.

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