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Maces were an armor-fighting weapon that developed from a steel ball on a wooden handle to an all-steel war club. Here at Medieval Collectibles, we carry all sorts of styles of these blunt weapons, including flanged, shafted, spiked mace and studded types. We also have them in a variety of designs from popular culture shows and fantasy games.

The most common type of medieval maces were the pear-shaped mace, six-flanged mace or the eight-flanged mace. Medieval maces were commonly hung from the saddles of knights on horseback dressed in armor. It is an effective weapon that is used in combat by pulling it out from the saddle to smash through an enemy’s shield or armor to disarm, incapacitate, or even kill them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a medieval mace?

A mace is a type of blunt weapon with a head and handle designed to deliver powerful blows and typically used for close combat especially in the Middle Ages. It evolved from the club, but rather than just a singular large piece of stick, it has a separate head and handle.

The heads are crafted from stone or from metals including steel, bronze, iron, and copper while handles are either made with wood or metal. Some mace heads may even be added with metal protrusions to deliver even more powerful strikes that can penetrate heavier armor or even break swords and other weapons.

How long is a medieval mace?

There are many lengths available to serve its respective purposes for its users. Foot soldiers’ maces were short and were usually two or three feet long. Cavalrymen used longer maces so they could deliver strikes from horseback. Two-handed mace variants were even longer and larger.

How Heavy is a medieval mace?

These blunt weapons needed to be substantial to land powerful blows. The variety of maces used in the Middle Ages weighed differently. Depending on the materials used to make it (steel, copper, bronze, iron) and its length, maces could weigh 1kg up to 2kg; it needed to be as solid as possible but also easily carried to not unnecessarily weigh down its user.

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