12th Century Leather Shoes

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One of the first things people tend to notice are your shoes. Make no exception with our 12th Century Leather Shoes. This leather shoe features side lacing for a customizable fit and they resemble footwear used by commoners and royalty during the Middle Ages. The tan ropelike stitching lining the rim of the ankle and the distinctive side lacing make for a unique staple to any costume or cosplay outfit. Traditionally hand-dyed, the roughness and the color varies slightly from piece to piece creating a touch of detail that will complete the look and make you feel all the more accurate during your next adventure.

Key Features:

  • Inspired recreation of 12th century medieval footwear
  • Presents a ropelike stitching around the ankle
  • Traditional dyed leather with weathered textures
  • Features side lacing for easy wearing and removing
  • Great for a variety of medieval costumes and outfits


  • Made from natural leather

These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size. Please be aware that these size conversions are approximate, so exact sizing may differ slightly from what is listed. These boots are not available in wide or narrow.

Shaft HeightHeel HeightAnkle CircumferenceSole WidthSole Length
Euro 36 - US Women's 5.53 inches.25 inches9.5 inches3 inches10 inches
Euro 37 - US Women's 6.53 inches.25 inches9.5 inches3.25 inches10.25 inches
Euro 38 - US Women's 7.53 inches.25 inches9.5 inches3.25 inches10.5 inches
Euro 39 - US Women's 8.5 - US Men's 6.5.25 inches
Euro 40 - US Women's 9.5 - US Men's 73.25 inches.25 inches10.75 inches3.25 inches10.75 inches
Euro 41 - US Women's 10.5 - US Men's 83.25 inches.25 inches10.75 inches3.25 inches11 inches
Euro 42 - US Women's 11.5 - US Men's 93.25 inches.25 inches11.5 inches3.5 inches11.25 inches
Euro 43 - US Women's 12 - US Men's 10.25 inches
Euro 44 - US Men's 113.5 inches.25 inches11.5 inches3.75 inches11.75 inches
Euro 45 - US Men's 12.25 inches
Euro 46 - US Men's 133.5 inches.25 inches11.75 inches4 inches12.5 inches
Euro 47 - US Men's 143.5 inches.25 inches12 inches4 inches12.75 inches

1 review for 12th Century Leather Shoes

  1. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Comfortable low cut shoe that’s very authentic looking. The leather soles are smooth so you will slip a little in them until they get scuffed up enough to give you traction.

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