Women's Medieval Chemises


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When dressing in authentic period style, be sure not to neglect the proper womens historical undergarments! Medieval Collectibles provides a wide selection of medieval chemises for you to choose from. These medieval smocks come as full-length underdresses as well as short chemise tops. Perfect for wearing underneath any of our Renaissance gowns or medieval dresses, these comfortable medieval shifts protect your fine period clothing from sweat and oils, helping your period garments stay fresh longer. We offer period chemises with long bell sleeves and with short sleeves of various lengths. This category includes Celtic chemises, wench chemises, noblewoman chemises, peasant maiden chemises, Norse chemises, Victorian chemises, chemise blouses, and Italian Renaissance chemises. These period underdresses make a great addition to historical re-enactment outfits, theatrical costumes, and party attire.

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