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We offer a great selection of medieval home decor and gifts. All our medieval collectibles are great for decorating your home, office, or for use as stage props. These collectibles and home decor items are made of quality materials and very affordable. Whether you are re-doing an entire room or just looking for a few unique medieval-style home decor pieces, you’re in the right spot! We have a great selection of statues that include dragons, knights, gargoyles, religious, skulls and skeletons. We have functional and smokeable medieval and Lord of the Ring pipes for your leisure time and medieval banners and pennants to decorate your walls. We have medieval and archery books and DVDs to learn about medieval history or make a bow. Need something for dinnerware or take to a medieval faire? Then checkout our great selection of medieval feastware. We have many more categories that fall under the umbrella of home decor but are not listed under this category due to the large amount of products in them. If you are interested in angels, dragons, fairies, gargoyles, mythology, knights, and all other things fantasy and medieval, than this is the place to find them in our statues and figurines section. We also offer selections of nautical, western, and Wiccan decor that are perfect for celebrating these distinctive subcultures. This category is also home to books, historical and fantasy coins, feastware, holiday decor, and more! So if you’re looking for something to add to your decor, or if you need to give a gift, then this is the place to look!

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