Short-Sleeved Gambeson

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Stay safe and comfortable underneath armour with the Short-Sleeved Gambeson. This medieval arming wear tunic is made of cotton canvas and features a light level of padding as well as short sleeves and a top stitched, quilted look. Mindful of the dynamic movements necessary in battle, this gambeson has slits in the lower portions of the front and back for ease of mobility. The short sleeves also lend movement to the wearer and can open up new layering possibilities sure to add interest to any historic reenactment or LARP outfit.

Key Features:

  • Lightly padded for protection
  • Features short sleeve design
  • Slits in front and back allow for movement
  • Ideal for wearing under armour
  • Great for LARP or historic reenactment outfits


  • Made from cotton canvas

ChestOverall Length
MediumUp to 43.3 inches38.6 inches
LargeUp to 47.2 inches40.2 inches
X-LargeUp to 51.2 inches40.6 inches

5 reviews for Short-Sleeved Gambeson

  1. greg g.

    Nice and light, not to thin, not to thick

  2. daniel.garry.lane (verified owner)

    43″ actual chest measurement, 6’1″ for height, and about 200 lbs over here, so I ordered in the large size. This quickly became one of my favorite items in any of my medieval kits. It somehow has enough weight to it that it actually works well at providing some padding, but isn’t so thick that you are sweating an ocean on a warm day either. I own a much thicker gambeson from Epic Armoury for when I wear plate armor, and it gets HOT and is usually soaked with sweat after. While this is clearly not designed to be worn under a full suit of plate, this would be prefect under a chainmail hauberk (or on it’s own for a lightly armored look). Despite being made from cotton canvas, this gambeson is flexible, soft, and comfortable. For the price, this thing is a must-have.

  3. Joshua Kane (verified owner)

    Runs just a bit on the smaller side but it is a very nice piece that feels just right if you need some padding for your armor or just want a stand alone thin gambeson.
    Not too thick and not too thin, In my opinion, its just right for most applications.

  4. Ethan Copitch (verified owner)

    Very nice thin gambeson, slightly over 1/16 inch thick when fully compressed. Wear it under my chainmail which stops the rings from digging into me.
    Dyed my brown using Rit Chcolate and it came out a nice lighter brown color which hides the stains left by the chainmail oil.

  5. dylonallis (verified owner)

    Superb quality, excellent thickness for larp level fighting. Have not worn it yet while fighting but will update if anything changes once I do. Only note, largest size is a little snug on me as a 6′ 230-250lb dude

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