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When you want excellent protection during battle, the Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set is your ideal solution. The padded armour includes a gambeson, tassets, and sleeves in a versatile set that can be worn in different combinations. The padded gambeson can be worn under many kinds of armour to help prevent rubbing and pinching. The tall collar increases comfort around the neck, as well. The armour padding is stitched in a diamond pattern that allows movability and keeps the padding in place. The front of the medieval gambeson is fastened with four buckled straps. Metal eyelets run along the edges of the arm holes and bottom hem of the sleeveless gambeson, allowing the addition of the sleeves and tassets when extra protection is desired. This arming wear comes in black or brown color options.

Please note that colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or brown
  • Includes gambeson, tassets, and sleeves
  • Fastens in the front with buckles
  • Excellent medieval arming wear


  • Made from cotton canvas with polyester padding

ChestWaistOverall LengthSleeve LengthShoulder Width
Small39-42 inches42-44.5 inches35 inches23 inches14.25 inches
Medium40-42.5 inches43-45 inches36.25 inches23.75 inches15.5 inches
Large42-44.5 inches43.5-45.5 inches36.75 inches24.25 inches16.25 inches
X-Large43-48 inches50.5-52.5 inches38.25 inches24.25 inches17.5 inches
XX-Large52.5-55 inches56.5-59 inches41.75 inches24.75 inches19.5 inches

22 reviews for Arthur Canvas Gambeson Set

  1. Casey P.

    Sturdy material. Really well built. Probably great as padding for a metal armor set up but not the best for putting chain-mail over. Arm holes seem a little tight. Least for me.

    I’m a 42 inch chest and a large fit me in the chest even though it says 41.3 . Not sure if a bigger size would actually change the armhole size.

  2. Alison V.

    This gambeson was of shockingly high quality. I honestly wasn’t expecting much due to the price, but it is everything I could hope for. Pros: -Feels very durable. The cloth is high quality, the buckles/rivets are metal, the straps are leather, and the pieces are held together by leather chord. -The size is accurate. I have a chest of 40″ and I got the large size. It fits well with just a little extra room when all of the straps are fully tightened. -The color is even throughout, and the cloth dye does not rub off on underclothing -The arms are padded, which will make it nicer to put my elbows down when wearing chainmail Cons: -The stain on the leather chords (not the straps, but the parts holding the arms on) readily comes off. The leather is solidly stained and will retain its color, but I imagine these chords will rub dye off onto undergarments -The arms are a tad short. In fairness, I have really long arms (I wear a 36/37 in dress shirt) but they hit me about 2/3 of the way down my forearms. -Movement is a little restricted, especially trying to reach above your head when donning other armor. This is likely the case with any gambeson, but keep it in mind when setting up your costume/armor. Thoughts on the service: -I used the live chat function and spoke to ‘Melissa’. She was very helpful and followed up via email on questions I had that she couldn’t address immediately. All of the information she provided was very accurate. -Items came promptly (2 days, by UPS Ground, shipping from IN to PA) and well packaged. -Images on the site were representative of all three items I purchased.

  3. Spencer A.

    It’s a very nice, aesthetically pleasing gambeson. Overall a good product, though it’s a little restrictive in the arms. A good choice if you want a gambeson.

  4. Alex L.

    Better be cold weather… this thing is thick and heavy. Great padding I imagine. I am 6′ tall and have a 42″ chest and bought the medium. It feels good in the body (although there is a noticeable .75 inch gap, easily fixed – new holes need punched in the leather straps,) the arms are somewhat short (although admittedly the exact length as advertised) and they are kind of tight. I am not a huge dude and I cannot imagine anyone with remotely larger arms getting into this comfortably. Again, probably better snug under armor though! Overall nice product!

  5. Garth W.

    First let me say that I ordered this product on 12/10/18 and I received it the very next day! Excellent. I tried it on and I was glad that I got the large instead of the medium even though I am a 42 inch chest. Provides a little extra room for movement. The quality is very nice and should be excellent for Renaissance Fairs, provided that the temperature isn’t in the 80’s or hotter.

  6. Thomas M.

    I love this piece. Sturdy and good looking. Warm for summer use though.

  7. Gabriel O.

    Beautiful gambeson! Fit great when I got it with a few minor adjustments from my leather hole punch.

  8. todd.e.schreiber (verified owner)

    The buckles are not “period”, of course, I’m not sure if the eyes are either, but they are all very functional
    I have a 42″ chest, it fits well, arms are pretty tight, but after putting chainmail over it, probably the right size, but guys with “guns” may not fit well.
    Heavy and good overall product.

  9. Lee Grinnan (verified owner)

    Great product, arrived quickly. Fits as expected and I like that portions are detachable. Only downside is I wouldn’t recommend wearing the arms for LARP as they’re a little restrictive on movement.

  10. crosbybrody (verified owner)

    Well made, fits well. If I ever need another one I would buy this again.

  11. Enrique (verified owner)

    Feel Awesome in this gambeson it really makes you feel like a medieval warrior it’s great protection and has an esea mobility …berry high quality padding armor and durable … I’m so happy with my purchase

  12. (verified owner)

    Recently bought one and love it! Very well made and easy to move around in. Highly recommend for anyone getting into these hobbies.

  13. trekkie9401 (verified owner)

    This gambeson is very thick and high quality. The fit is as expected. I was not expecting such a well made product for the price, but it is definitely worth it. Incredible piece. 10/10

  14. Kavalore (verified owner)

    This was the first gambeson I have purchased but im quite pleased with the quality.
    I’ll list a few pros here:
    The biggest one to me, despite not being so apparent, is the ease of replacing a ruined part. Now by no means is it low quality, but lets say something were to occur and your sleeves would be ruined, but everything else is fine, well, you can buy new sleeves, or new tassets, or a new shirt, all to replace a ruined part while keeping the others. I don’t expect mine to break down any time soon, but it is a very welcoming feature from Mytholon to allow you to buy replacement parts for it.
    The feel of it is also high quality. It’s thick, and definitely dense, and has a feel not unlike denim albeit less coarse. It is stiff, but you can tell by the patches on the inner and outer elbow that they were aware of this and allowed for mobility in the arms.
    The buckles and laces are very nice. I’m personally new to any sort of leather laces so I am ever fearful of tearing them when tying knots on the sleeves, but no wear insofar so I think it’s just getting accustomed to the strength necessary, and if need be, the leather laces can easily and cheaply be replaced, keeping in line with the availability to replace anything that may wear down with use on this gambeson.
    Although many of the features of it are good, I’ll move on to the few cons I have, which are less cons and more notes to be aware of in reality
    First off is the leather laces to hold the sleeves on, or more precisely, where the holes are to hold the laces in. There is no outright issue with it, but you will have to fiddle with it a little bit to get the sleeves on tight, mostly pulling slack out or if need be re-lacing them entirely. It is time consuming, but I assure you the feel and look of well fitted sleeves changes the entire gambeson
    Another thing to note is the collar. It goes up quite high. I’m a larger person (6’2″, 220lbs, for our metric friends, 188cm, 100kg), and on a well fitted gambeson the collar near touches my chin and jaw. It isn’t much of an issue with moving your head, but if you have a smaller or wider neck, be aware that it might touch your lower face or be slightly restrictive at times. As a positive however, the high collar acts excellently at allowing you a nice mantle for a chainmail coif if you so desire to wear one with this gambeson.
    All in all, I have nothing but positives to say about this gambeson so far. The company is amazing and responds to any questions promptly, the quality and ability to replace parts is a huge upside and testament to the quality, and the worst things I can muster up to say about it are at worst tiny notes about things that might be minor issues for only some. Mytholon is a great company, and I would definitely recommend this gambeson to anyone looking for something quality and with ease of mind in case a part wears down, it truly is an amazing gambeson from an amazing company.

  15. John (verified owner)

    A very good looking and well made Gabonese for the price. I have a 47.25 inch chest so I ordered the XL and am glad I did. Fits very well across my chest but is a bit restrictive in the arms. If ordering this item, I suggest ordering the next size up unless you are slim built.

  16. Christopher Fernandez (verified owner)

    The gambeson is incredibly well made. I had to adjust the sleeves to my preference, but once I did that it felt pretty nice. It’s quite heavy and definitely proves its quality. Make sure to wear sleeved shirt underneath it, because otherwise the leather ties at the shoulder can cause some discomfort.

  17. bussjd90 (verified owner)

    Quality of the gambeson is fantastic.

    Only complaint I have is the sleeves are shockingly short. I ended up having to create a cloth connection piece to drop them about 4″ to make sure there wasnt a significant gap.

  18. jase1283 (verified owner)

    I’m 6’1” and skinny so smalls are usually too snug and mediums a bit loose, went with a small on this and it just barely fits, from the underarms down is great, shoulder area with sleeves on is a bit snug and the arms are snug even with my skinny arms(also come up a bit short, expected). Not sure I’d do it differently size wise since I’ll probably not use the arms anyway, but I would say don’t try down sizing with this one, true to size. Quality and heavy, got your inner and outer layer of canvas with cross stitch and a filler inside for a bit of puff. Wearing the upper buckle loose and tighter as I go down.

  19. walksthedog41 (verified owner)

    Very comfy and sturdy. Would recommend.

  20. Francis Costello (verified owner)

    First of all, this thing is a lot thicker and heavier than I expected. I was right on the borderline on size and bought a large and it fits like a glove, but brand new everything is super stiff and needs breaking in. Still able to move around comfortably but it’ll definitely be better once the material loosens up a bit. Now I did already have the suede version of just the vest but I got this since I couldn’t find the tassets and sleeves in suede by themselves. I must say, I do prefer the look, feel, and fit of the suede gameson over the canvas but this is still really nice. If you have a smaller budget, this one is perfect but if you have the cash to shell out twice as much, I’d recommend just going for the suede set.

  21. trevor.deem (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this gambeson regularly for a full year now, both on its own as well as with 16 gauge steel plate armor. I have the XX-Large size, while it’s a bit too thick and warm to use during the summer, it is absolutely perfect for use during moderate and cold weather. I needed to replace the leather cord holding it together but that was after over a month of heavy use larping in it putting strain on the cord while it was getting hit. I have experienced tearing on the sleeves from rubbing against my breastplate but they were easily patched and the corners that caused it needed to be filed down regardless. Overall it has done exactly what I needed it to and has held up impressively after a year of heavy use in sun, rain, and snow.

  22. seth.alton.wood (verified owner)

    This gambeson is very good, a little scratchy on skin, but that’s easily fixable with long sleeves. It also is pretty comfortable and makes most robust armor fit better. I got a medium, probably should have gotten a small but it still fits pretty well.

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