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The ideal armour padding for your next re-enactment battle, the Arthur Long Gambeson extends from neck to knee. The top-stitched gambeson vest can be worn under many kinds of armour to help prevent rubbing and pinching. The tall collar increases comfort around the neck, as well. The long padded vest is stitched in a diamond pattern that allows movability and keeps the padding in place. The front of the medieval gambeson is fastened with four buckled straps. Metal eyelets run along the edges of the arm holes on the sleeveless gambeson, allowing the addition of sleeves (sold separately) if desired. This arming wear comes in black or brown color options.

Please note that colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • Available in black or brown
  • Features eyelets for attaching sleeves
  • Fastens in the front with buckles
  • Excellent medieval arming wear


  • Made from cotton canvas with polyester padding

ChestWaistOverall LengthShoulder Width
Small43.5-45 inches44-46.25 inches36 inches15.5 inches
Medium43.5-45.5 inches45-47.25 inches36 inches16.5 inches
Large45.5-47.75 inches47-49.25 inches38.5 inches16.75 inches
X-Large49-51.25 inches49.5-51.75 inches39.25 inches18.25 inches
XX-Large55-57.25 inches55.5-57.5 inches39.25 inches19.75 inches

16 reviews for Arthur Long Gambeson

  1. Justin K.

    I really love the Arthur Long Gambeson! It is made by Mytholon and fits well. For reference, I’m a 5’3″ gal and curvy–the Medium fits me great. As far as quality–I still feel blows from Calimacil weapons, but they don’t sting. This Gambeson is great larping armor. Haven’t tried it with plate on top, yet, but I will in the future. My only complaints about the gambeson are that the color (I got black) will rub off on your clothes. So wear dark colors or just think of it as “immersion”. Also, the buckles are a heavy grade plastic and not metal. I’m worried they may break if used too roughly, but they have not yet and I’ve had the gambeson for a few months now. Overall–great purchase and would highly recommend!

  2. Gunner B.

    when choosing the size be VERY careful on what you choose. Other wise this is incredible, fits well with my Elias short breast-plate and protects well enough against blows.

  3. Adrian H.

    I originally ordered the wrong size but exchanging for the correct size was so easy. They have the best customer service and for that I will be a long time customer. The gambeson itself is awesome! The collar is a bit high for me, but nothing that I can’t fix. I got it for my own witcher cosplay and I’m so excited to wear it to ren fest this year!! I feel like I could take a few sword hits in this, its great.

  4. Oscar G.

    I use this for SCA fencing (with a longsword) It’s well padded and would make wearing mail or plate a breeze. But it passes the droptest by itself. The small fits me perfectly, I’m skinny and 5’6 and my chest size is a little smaller than what it says it fits. Definitely measure yourself.

  5. Joshua W.

    This is a great item. I use it with both my chain mail and my leather lorica. My buddy ordered one for his leather samurai armor and love it to. Perfect for the padding needed to absorb the blows from a two handed long sword. I’m hoping to order a larger size than a dsl for my brother if they have anyway of getting one

  6. zanmark9 (verified owner)

    As a somewhat slender, broad shouldered, shorter guy, I can be a tough fit. ~5’7″ and 150lbs. I found the Medium fit me great and after a long, long day at the ren faire I had zero comfort issues. The length is great, the product looks FANTASTIC on. The straps and buckles are solid. Honestly for the price I am ecstatic.

  7. shinotsa (verified owner)

    As an average sized, 6 foot, 190lb guy I found that the large fits just loosely enough to be comfortable on the tightest notch. The batting is on the lighter side, and this makes it comfortable enough to wear for extended periods, though I haven’t taken any hits in it as of yet. It is certainly heavier than The costume grade gambesons from other vendors. The sleeves (sold separately) are much the same, and lace up nicely.

    I am tremendously pleased with the fit, quality, and aesthetic of this product. It’s more affordable than most, but as the owner of 3 gambesons, I can say it outperforms its price range.

  8. Curt (verified owner)

    I’m 6′ 1″ 280Lbs and normally wear a 3XL shirt mainly because its more comfortable than a 2X. Also, I’ve been told I have broad shoulders. Now after all that I ordered the 2XL in black and it fits perfectly. Yes the buckles are plastic, but the straps are leather. Overall the quality is very nice and is perfect for what I want to use it for. I definitely recommend purchasing this.

  9. Abdiel Bolaños (verified owner)

    This suit is something, I tell you!
    I bought it alongside the accompanying sleeves, I’ve been using it both for every day wear and LARPing and it has proven it’s worth more than once, some of the strikes can be felt but honestly I prefer to take any blow with it on than my old jackets. Something I noticed is that the fabric used is quite rough on my skin, particularly on my neck, and the constant rubbing and moving causes small rashes but that has more to do with myself than the suit itself, beside its solved by using a thinner sweater I own underneath it or folding the neck also works. It has also proven great against the weather and rain, alongside the sleeves and leather gloves, I found myself dry after a while walking under the rain while the gambeson’s exterior was drenched the insides were completely dry! I’d still recommend getting an umbrella…

    Great product, it keeps surprising me how well made it is!

  10. jessem60 (verified owner)

    Great item, I love this a lot! It really goes well with the kind of “Jon Snow” look I was going for in my LARP kit. It is very thick and heavy, so keep that in mind, you will get very hot and sweaty in warm weather. I did also order the sleeves to go with it, but they were sold out of medium so I ordered small, the sleeves still looked good, but they were a bit too short, so just something to keep in mind if you order the sleeves. Though I will say, I wish that they would make the sleeves easier to find on the website, they are not linked to this page anywhere or in any category, so I had to search for them specifically by name, but no big deal. The gambeson does look epic by itself without the sleeves! It is difficult to judge from the pictures, but the collar is very tall, which is not a bad thing, and with a little work it can be folded down like the collar of a button up shirt. Also keep in mind, that you cannot bend the collar down if you wear a metal gorget with it, like I do. However the thick collar keeps my neck safe and comfortable from the harsh metal edges of my gorget. Though I prefer the look with the collar standing straight up anyway. As people have mentioned in the reviews, the buckle clasps are plastic, not metal, which is a bit of a let down, but it is very high quality plastic, so you really can’t even hardly tell that it is not metal, and on the bright side they will not scratch up the underside of your armor the same way metal on metal would. I usually wear size medium in most things, but this did seem to run a bit big, so I fasten the clasps in the last hole in the leather but it still left a bit of a gap where you could see my shirt underneath. Though this is easily fixable as there is plenty of room on the leather to make your own holes, just a pain to do, though keep in mind I am kind of a smaller guy. Overall I love the look and quality of this item, great for the price, and I love Medieval collectibles, everything I order from them always arrives in 2 days with the cheapest shipping option, I live in East Tennessee.

  11. joekcowan (verified owner)

    Great for SCA heavy. I use it beneath maille. very dense so it works as its own armor. The collar is great additional protection as well. Buckles haven’t given me any trouble except I added some holes to tighten it up more

  12. nils.olson (verified owner)

    Solid and thick padding to wear under armor, use the eyelets to add the optional sleeves.

  13. Brandon Norman (verified owner)

    Fits and moves great!

  14. Cambo (verified owner)

    No regrets, hands down the best thing I’ve bought yet.

  15. Matthew Novak (verified owner)

    Excellent quality and fit! For reference, I’m 5’10” and 150 lbs. Medium fits perfect after punching a new hole in the strap to make it a little tighter. Add a sword belt and you’ll be looking like Jon Snow in no time.

    10/10 only regret is that I didn’t buy sooner.

  16. loanwolf289 (verified owner)

    This gambeson fits very well and very easy to slip into. Being 5’6 and went with a medium size it’s still just loose enough to comfortably move in still. I find it very comfortable and it makes the plate armour I have sit well on it. I highly recommend.

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