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Sometimes, when out questing, all that heavy steel plating can be a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable. In times like these, the best place to be is within the safe padding of an article of clothing like the Diana Gambeson. This cotton overcoat has been padded with wool felt, making it both warm and thick enough to serve as a fair piece of protective wear. It closes in the front via six lacings, and its sides feature slits for ease of movement. Additionally, the cuffs of the gambesons sleeves can be closed with lacing or left open, depending on the wearers preference. The Diana Gambeson comes in burgundy, brown, natural, and black, so whether you fancy yourself an elvish warrior, a knight, or an adventuring woman of the woods, this piece of clothing can accommodate your needs.

Key Features:

  • Sleeves feature lace closures
  • Padded design provides comfort under armour
  • Closes in the front via six lacings
  • Slitted sides allow for ease of movement
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Makes a fantastic piece of womens arming wear


  • Made from cotton
  • Padding made from wool felt
  • Lacings made from leather

Chest Waist Hips Shoulder Width Overall Length Sleeve Length
Small 34 inches 32 inches 38 inches 13.5 inches 30.5 inches 22.5 inches
Medium 36 inches 33 inches 40 inches 15 inches 33 inches 25 inches
Large 42 inches 37 inches 42 inches 17.5 inches 34 inches 25.5 inches
X-Large 43 inches 38 inches 44.5 inches 18.5 inches 35 inches 26 inches
XX-Large 47 inches 42 inches 51 inches 19.5 inches 36 inches 26.5 inches

2 reviews for Diana Gambeson

  1. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    This is a hefty article. It’s easier to deal with when you remember it’s padded armor. Cumbersome (as one would expect padded armor to be). For petite people like me, the proportions are a little off. I will probably end up modifying this to fit better (though I’m not looking forward to trying to run it through my sewing machine or doing it by hand). It would probably do for a winter coat – don’t wear it in warm weather if you can help it! I don’t expect the leather ties to last too long. Buckles and straps would be better.

  2. Israel Hart (verified owner)

    In stark contrast to the prior review, and as a fencer, this happens to be a piece of armor that I love. Fits me well and it fulfills its purpose entirely. It’s not “hefty” and is what you’d expect the weight to be for literal armor(~5lbs). I’d never use this specifically as a winter coat as that would be doing a disservice to whomever made the piece and secondly it isn’t the purpose of the garment. The freedom of movement is wonderful and after breaking it in should feel like a second skin. The leather ties can be removed and replaced with a different cord if you so chose on your own time.
    Love it!

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