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Wearing armour in battle can lead to uncomfortable rubbing and pinching. Increase the comfort of your re-enactment gear by adding the Gustav Gambeson, which provides a layer of sturdy padding between you and your armour. The short-sleeved gambeson features linear back-stitching that keeps the padding in place as you move, and four buckled straps securely fasten the front of the padded jacket. Available in black, brown, or blue color options, the medieval gambeson is the perfect arming wear to add underneath chainmail or a steel breastplate. When planning your next LARP or SCA look, make sure to bring home the appropriate arming wear to go with it!

Please note that colors may vary slightly from what is pictured.

Key Features:

  • Available in black, brown, or blue
  • Features linear back-stitching
  • Fastens in the front with buckles
  • Excellent medieval arming wear


  • Made from polyester and cotton
Weight is approximately 4 pounds and will vary according to size.
ChestWaistOverall LengthSleeve LengthShoulder Width
Small42-45 inches40-42.5 inches29.75 inches
Medium43-45.5 inches43-45.25 inches30 inches11.5 inches18.75 inches
Large45.5-47.75 inches47-49.25 inches31 inches12.75 inches19.75 inches
X-Large50-52.5 inches52.5-55 inches33 inches13 inches20.5 inches
XX-Large54-56.25 inches59-61.25 inches34.5 inches14 inches20.5 inches

10 reviews for Gustav Gambeson

  1. Garett Ray F.

    great gambeson. at first it will look very big but onec you get it on its great.

  2. thomasjmorgenroth (verified owner)

    Fantastic value for the price. Absolutely would recommend to other people just getting started in SCA or LARP activities, for a reliable gambeson like this the price can’t be beat. I’m considering buying a second one just in case anything should happen to the first, because now that I have my first I’m confident in the quality for the price. Strong recommendation on this one.

  3. ben.lurker (verified owner)

    I agree with the others, this is a great gambeson for the money. Very good quality that you can really see once you get your hands on it. Solid piece of kit.

  4. nils.olson (verified owner)

    This is a very comfortable and solid gambeson for wearing under armor. It also vents well to limit heat stress, which is a common problem of padded gambesons. The shorter length means there won’t be too much overhang around your upper legs.

  5. ryan_cortes (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and a perfect fit. The only thing is when it’s tightened all the way the two sides just barely overlap. For a bigger person you may see a slight gap between if you have to use the other positions to buckle.

  6. Joshua Kane (verified owner)

    This is one of the best gambesons I’ve ever held. I love this thing because it’s very sturdy kit for the money and it’s solid enough for some light HEMA sparring.

  7. Jeremy Bailey (verified owner)

    It’s like putting on a jacket, you will get warm in it.
    The padding is about a pinky finger thick.
    I doubt it would stop an arrow or stab from a knife though I haven’t tested nor plan to test it.
    The picture for the black gambeson doesn’t really represent it’s color. It is much darker in person which is a good thing imo.
    The straps at the front feel like real leather and the metal buttons feel solid. The latches feel like metal and they to feel really well made.
    The ends of the gambeson feel sturdy and the outside is rough while the inside is much smoother.

    I personally will be buy another one to wear when I have armor on due to the oils that sit on the armor.

  8. Zachary Allbaugh (verified owner)

    feels good, looks good no complaints

  9. dholtz72 (verified owner)

    Great fit and look. Works well under chainmail.

  10. scott.manship (verified owner)

    Comfortable fit, exactly what I was looking for

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