Warriors Medieval Gambeson

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Warrior Sleeveless Gambeson

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Long Sleeves for Warrior Gambeson

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Our Warriors Medieval Gambeson is such a versatile piece for your wardrobe. The set includes a sleeveless gambeson and a pair of detachable sleeves. They lace on at the top of the shoulder onto the gambeson. The gambeson has strap and buckle closure up the front and a stand up collar. You can wear this thick padded gambeson under your leather or steel armour for comfort and fit or wear it as a jacket or doublet. It is perfect for winter time gaming or re-enacting.

Key Features:

  • Set of a gambeson (#MCI-3711) and detachable sleeves (#MCI-3767)
  • Prevents body armour from sliding or pinching
  • Reinforced with padding and quilted stitching
  • Fitted with buckle straps and lace up cording
  • Increase your defense on the LARP battlefield


  • Made from cotton twill
  • Padding is polyester
  • Fittings are plated leather and brass

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash at 40°C / 104°F.
  • Wash separately the first time and with similar colors afterwards
  • Tumble dry on low heat, be aware that some shrinkage can occur
  • For general stains or discolorations, treat with commercial fabric cleaner or blot with tepid water and a soft cloth

ChestWaistShoulder to ShoulderOverall LengthSleeve LengthCollar Circumference
Small42.5 inches40 inches19 inches31 inches20 inches16.9 inches
Medium45.7 inches40 inches19 inches31.5 inches20 inches17.3 inches
Large47.2 inches40 inches19 inches33 inches20.5 inches17.3 inches
X-Large47.2 inches43 inches19.5 inches33.5 inches21 inches18.9 inches
XX-Large49.6 inches49 inches21.5 inches34 inches21.5 inches19.7 inches
XXX-Large51.2 inches52 inches21 inches34 inches22 inches19.7 inches
XXXX-Large55.1 inches55 inches22 inches37 inches22 inches19.7 inches

16 reviews for Warriors Medieval Gambeson

  1. Adrian A.

    thank you for the quick shipping of this order, it was outstanding

  2. Rob P.

    Much better than expected. Size small fits me well (small male, 5’4″ and 138lbs) and the material is nice and thick. Also, the straps appear to be good quality. Only draw back might be the breathability of the material.

  3. Ryan A.

    Quick delivery and it fits perfect. Its nice they let you choose the size. Looks exactly like in the picture and I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

  4. Carol M.

    first time buying online and i do not regret it one bit. product arrived quickly and in great condition. well made and sturdy. i ordered more stuff the next day lol

  5. Benjamin W.

    Extremely fast shipping, excellent quality, perfect fit (Medium- 6’2″ 200 lbs), and fits the wardrobe. If you plan on using armor, this is perfect. If not, don’t worry about it. Although, I would wear it standalone. It is an EXCELLENT jacket and very stylish.

  6. Mike D.

    Actually got here pretty quick. I’m 6ft 220lbs and the xl size fits perfectly. Like exactly perfectly so make sure your measurements are accurate. I ordered the xl just to be safe and glad I did. If you aren’t sure then really consider buying next size up, the buckles make up some leeway though. Buckles don’t hurt/ get mashed into you like I thought they might so that’s a plus

  7. Jacob S.

    Very high quality gambeson! Straps are sturdy and easy to use, cloth is very thick and warm. I use this with a set of 40 pound armor and the padding is much appreciated. I have also used this in sub 20 degree Fahrenheit at a LARP at night and while I was a bit chilly the gambeson did an amazing job of keeping me warm enough to carry on! I have yet to try it in the summer months, I imagine it will be a bit warmer than I’d care for but the detachable sleeves will help to combat that!

  8. Troy M.

    The picture does not do this product justice. Excellent quality and fit!

  9. Megan S.

    I just received mine in the mail yesterday after ordering on Saturday. Fits really well and seems to be very well put together. The leather chest straps seem very sturdy and are reinforced with copper rivets with leather washers inside the backing. The cloth seems pretty tough, on par with canvas work overalls. I really like the chest closures rather than pull over design for adjustability and the detachable sleeves (more for ventilation than for actually being able to take them off). I was also impressed with the customer service. I had trouble figuring out how to get the free shipping when I was placing my order and didn’t get it applied properly to my order, but I included a note with my order regarding my problem with applying the free shipping to my order. I received a phone call on Monday afternoon from one of their sales reps, who credited my credit card for the cost of shipping and who told me that my order had already shipped earlier that morning.

  10. Urlich E.

    I just got mine in the mail, and I have to say that I was not disappointed. The materials appear to be high quality, though only time will tell how well it will hold up (to be used under my SCA heavy combat armor). I might have been able to get away with ordering one size smaller – I’m 6’0″ and 210 lbs, and I ordered a large – but the only real sizing complaint is that it’s a little bit long for my torso. The one and only major complaint I have is that the description states that it is 100% cotton, which is true for the outer shell and lining, but the batting inside is 100% polyester, which is probably going to result in things getting a bit toasty when I’m out fighting in it.

  11. Thomas S.

    This thing is great! Its a lot heavier than it may appear in the pictures. I tested it out by running around outdoors and you will warm up very very quickly. It’s much like wearing a heavy raincoat underneath your armor. Not quite what I expected but I do like this very much, I hope to get a lot of use out of it.

  12. Robert D.

    I just bought one, The size was tight on me but this is to be the very inside under chainmaile or plate (or both) so that is not bad but if you wear a medium, buy a large, etc. Like anything else the raw cotton stank so I washed it, there was no detectable shrinkage. Overall good quality for a good price.

  13. Kavalore (verified owner)

    Having had another gambeson to compare it to, I feel a few things are definitely of note here.
    First is the lack of attachment underneath the arms. It becomes less of an issue when paired with a hauberk or haubergeon because the maille protects the opening, but it has the upside of removing sleeves as a major restricting factor in arm movement, and it very much does that, my arms are much more free to rotate and go above my head. It fits snugly, the buckles and straps are definitely strong feeling and hold tight, and the thing feels quite snug if fitted properly. This was one of the gambesons I first wanted to get, and having now got it, I definitely can say my desire was not ill-guided; it is a quality gambeson that I would highly reccomend.

  14. ElijahDaggerWielder (verified owner)

    Its pretty great for the price. I got this for use under maille and it works awesome. Very flexible put padded great too. Only thing keeping it from being a 5 for me is that the padding on the neck comes up a bit too high for me personally.

  15. Cody (verified owner)

    After a bit of wearing since I just got it at the time of writing it’s pretty good. Got a medium that fits me well (male, 5’11, 175lbs) it’s comfortable if a bit warm, which is fine for colder weather. As I was donning my Cuirass to see how well it fit over it I noticed a spot where at first I though my backplate had torn a hole. But on closer inspection it appears that there were two blemishes on it, one on the back left shoulder, and a larger on the right sleeve’s wrist. These spots are very brittle, of which I assume is due to age or water damage of some kind. The Gambeson seems to take light hits well and would be okay at light sparring. I’d recommend this gambeson if you’re budget is not very big like mine. Overall I’ll give it a four out of five.

  16. richie1232 (verified owner)

    An excellent choice for a starter gambeson. It’s puffy and comfortable, an all too ideal match when wearing plate or heavy chainmail. Recommend a size or 2 larger for better flexibility.

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