A leather harness is a piece of armour that includes both a breast and back plate, also known nowadays as a cuirass. We have many different styles of leather harnesses for you to choose from. Elven warrior armour, Roman Lorica segmentas, and Greek hoplite armour, as well as classic Medieval designs, are just a couple of the leather cuirasses and leather harnesses that we carry. A leather cuirass provides complete full upper body armour that protects the chest area from the shoulders to the waist line. Some of our leather harnesses are custom made to your measurements to provide the proper fit and protection during an SCA event.

Albrecht Cuirass
Albrecht Cuirass

item # MY100250

Made of natural, high-quality leather, the Albrecht Cuirass makes a statement with its detailed design and versatile style. Including both a breastplate and backplate, wear this medieval armour for LARP and historical reenactments.

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Antonius Leather Torso
Antonius Leather Torso

item # MY100856

A soldier often looks to strike at the heart of their enemy. Protect your chest with the Antonius Leather Torso. It is ideal for the smart warrior who is attending a medieval faire, historical convention, or role-playing activity.

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Armor Corset
Armor Corset

item # RT-174

This is a corset for the wench who means business! The Armor Corset features the classic style of a typical wench corset with the added touch of an armor-grade leather construction, making it as tough as typical LARP armor.

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Armor Corset With Pauldrons
Armor Corset With Pauldrons

item # RT-175

Being more armor than clothing, this protective corset benefits from the addition of pauldrons. In fact, not only is the Armor Corset with Pauldrons protective and defensive, but it looks stylish with its shoulder pieces.

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Artemis Celtic Leather Cuirass for Ladies
Artemis Celtic Leather Cuirass for Ladies

item # MY100420

Reclaim the lands of your people as a fierce warrior queen, or join your clan in relieving a coastal village of its wealth. Regardless of the role, the Artemis Celtic Leather Cuirass for Ladies offers enhanced style and defense.

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Artemis Embossed Leather Cuirass for Ladies
Artemis Embossed Leather Cuirass for Ladies

item # MY100419

Guide your army to victory as a warrior queen from the Middle Ages, or adventure through a fantasy realm as a fearless mercenary. No matter the role, the Artemis Embossed Leather Cuirass for Ladies raises both style and defense.

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Assassin's Armor
Assassin’s Armor

item # RT-105

The mark of a good assassin is that your mark never sees you coming. But in the event that your mark does notice you, it is always a good idea to be well-armed and armored. In this Assassins Armor, you will definitely be both.

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Banded Leather Cuirass
Banded Leather Cuirass

item # DK5005

Our Banded Leather Cuirass has an awesome look to it. You can order it with contrasting colors or all one color. Our Banded Leather Cuirass is made up of a breastplate and a backplate, and is available in two leather thicknesses.

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Barbarian's Armor
Barbarian’s Armor

item # RT-113

Simple and savage, a Barbarians Armor was often cobbled together from various pieces of leather, hide, and fur. Instead of being ineffective, though, this style armor was rather protective, as well as a point of pride to its owner.

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Barbarian's Armor With Skirt
Barbarian’s Armor With Skirt

item # RT-114

Barbarians were savage fighters, whose skill with a weapon and tenacity made them a foe to fear. Barbarian armor was just as impressive as their weapons and skills, as can be seen when looking at this Barbarians Armor With Skirt.

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Berengar Ring Armour Jacket
Berengar Ring Armour Jacket

item # MY100257

Featuring a grid of leather strips throughout, fastened with rivets and adorned with steel rings, the Berengar Ring Armour Jacket is something to behold. This intense piece of LARP armour is great for a variety of fierce looks.

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Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour
Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour

item # MCI-2715

Our Celtic Lamellar Leather Armour has a unique design with a spin on the traditional look. In between lamellar segments, there are sections of leather that have gold painted Celtic designs that set this armour apart from the others.

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