Leather Body Armour

Shop here for all our leather body armour. This includes leather breastplates, brigandines, cuirasses, and harnesses. Whether you are dressing up for a LARP battle, reenactment, or need an armoured look for a medieval or fantasy costume, you will find a plethora of leather body armour here. Made of high quality leather, the majority of our leather armour here is crafted by hand. Wear our medieval leather breastplates over gambesons or over chainmail. Our leather brigandines are versatile late medieval armour staples. Finally, our medieval leather cuirasses and harnesses cover both front and back. Shop an incredible variety of leather body armour styles, from historically-inspired pieces like Praetorian soldier armour to elven armour and womens leather armour corsets. So if you are seeking the central piece of your next armoured look or leather protection for light reenactment, take a look at our selection of leather body armour here.

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