RFB Fighter Leather Armour

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Armor on a budget hardly means that you have to sacrifice protection or looks. This RFB Fighter Leather Armor is a fine choice of protection for any LARP warrior to wear, one that offers plenty of protection, as well as a rather distinctive look, too. Based loosely around the classic design of the medieval brigandine, this leather harness combines the modular look of a coat of plates with the lightness and versatility of leather. The harness consists of a duo of pieces, a front and a back, which are connected together via leather straps that loop over the shoulders and wrap around the midriff, leaving the arms free to move, while offering a superior level of protection. Because of this, the armor fits most chests easily and is sized about the midriff. The armor appears as several squares of leather, all riveted together to create all the protection that a warrior would need. The armor features plenty of buckles, making it rather adjustable, both around the shoulders and around the waist. It is crafted in 7-8 oz. leather, offered in black or brown. If you are a warrior on a budget, you need not despair if you find yourself lacking armor for your next LARP, because this RFB Fighter Leather Armour is offered to you so that you can have the protection you need and the medieval style you desire all without having to break the bank!

Looking for the matching pieces to this armour? Create the complete look with our RFB Fighter Leather Armour Set (ARMOUR-L20), which includes the RFB Fighter Leather Armour along with the other pieces of this armour set.

Key Features:

  • A Ready for Battle Line Piece of Armor
  • A Solid Accent to Costumes
  • Great For Protection in a LARP Event
  • Made Up of Several Riveted Leather Squares
  • Features Highly Adjustable Buckle Straps
  • Great Armour at a Low, Budget Friendly Price


  • Crafted from chrome-tanned split-leather
  • Fittings and rivets are brass

Care Instructions:

  • Remove dirt with a hard brush, then gently clean with leather soap and a soft, damp cloth. Remove soap with a separate damp cloth, then use a dry cloth to wipe away remaining water. Let dry naturally. Condition with oil or polish, then wipe with a final cloth to remove excess residue. For more information, check out our guide on How to Take Care of Leather Armour.
Chest/Waist CircumferenceOverall Length
Small25-36 inches14 inches
Medium28-45 inches15 inches
Large32-52 inches16 inches
X-Large36-60 inches17 inches

15 reviews for RFB Fighter Leather Armour

  1. Paulette R.

    This armor is really nicely made, and with good care, should stand up to a lot of abuse. It is, however, VERY small. Even with all the possible adjustments, the largest you can make it is still very small. Lucky for me, the teenager playing Macbeth that I bought it for is a pretty skinny kid, but my dreams of stealing it later to wear for myself have been dashed. This will not fit you if you have boobs, period. Great buy for someone small and skinny, though.

  2. Aaron S.

    The previous review was not lying when they noted that it was VERY small. Ney, this is definitely a CHILD sized armour. I am a smaller guy, so I thought I could make it work. Definitely wrong on that one. In the description they make it out to be for anyone. I wish they would have just advertised this as a child’s and included a picture of a model wearing it. In the catalog I ordered with my last shipment, it has this item listed with a very young child modelling it. No reason they couldn’t have included that picture on the item’s page. Size aside, it is definitely well made and goes great with a variety of looks and styles. Would recommend for anyone under the age of 13.

  3. Jim D.

    A bit late of a review, but I ordered this as part of a Halloween costume. For the price, I’m pretty satisfied with what I got, but did go into it hoping the leather would be a bit stiffer then it turned out to be. Over all, I was impressed with how durable it proved to be, and became rather thankful that it was not made of stiff leather, as that allowed it to stretch over my brother’s gut.

  4. Byron V.

    Nice, seems well made. But they do run small! Go bigger than you think and you will be happy! My mom needed one too so this will be hers now.

  5. Joe R.

    Absolutely love it: functional, does not reduce movement, very light, and yet very durable. Highly recommend!

  6. Matt M.

    Awesome….functional, does not reduce movement, light, and durable

  7. Evan R.

    Nice Armor for the price. Only issue is the buckles are a little hard to do by yourself. also some belt loops would have helped manage the straps a little better. so I added belt loops easily found online and wear it with the buckles in front since the front and back are roughly same size

  8. Brenden M.

    It’s alright. You’ll need help with the straps, but for the price it’s a good piece

  9. jbbaggs (verified owner)

    Great armor for the price. You will need help getting the straps on at least the first time.

  10. Joseph Connor (verified owner)

    I’m a stout old man of 5’7″ + 201 lbs. I purchased an XL in size. A comfortable fit for me. I’m going to purchase belt loops for the 1″ wide straps + trim back the extra. If you’re much taller than me, I could see how the vertical length (or lack there) of the armour would make it appear as though you were wearing children’s armour. Good value for the money, I’d buy it again.

  11. Cody Chinn (verified owner)

    Reviews saying it’s small are wrong. Pick your T Shirt size. It fits perfectly with some adjustment of the straps. It’s meant to be like a plate carrier so it shouldn’t be full coverage. Anyway, it’s a great piece. Major flaw is that the straps aren’t anchored to anything but the leather squares which are quite thin for comfort and will pull/warp with movement. This is easily fixed by adding a strap across to connect them on backside of armor which fixes it completely. I do wish there were retainer loops in back of piece and it’s near impossible to put on/take off by yourself, but at this price point it’s awesome. Also, the pic makes it look like it’s square, it’s NOT! There are two wings on the front plate which extend slight around the side. Makes for a square arm hole which isn’t the most comfortable. In retrospect I would’ve bought the slightly more expensive set, but am still extremely please with the studded design and rugged look.

  12. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    Well-made, sturdy, fits perfectly (very adjustable).

  13. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    Tough, very adjustable, looks good.

  14. Evan Shepherd (verified owner)

    Not bad, but not great. The pics online make it appear that there is a leather backing that the leather panels are riveted to, but this is far from the case. Instead at the meeting point of four panels is a small square of leather. Meaning that you can easily push a finger between the armour, which would seem to me to make the idea of ‘RFB’ false. However, if you’re willing to put in the work. You can get some leather and make a backing of your own.

  15. aaron.halverson (verified owner)

    Best value for leather armor I have found. It worked perfectly over my chainmail and wearing a cloak nicely covered up all the straps and buckles in the back. Looks great, I got several compliments at the renaissance faire.

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