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  • Basic Medieval Pants

    Basic Medieval Pants

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  • Medieval Tunic

    Medieval Tunic

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  • Suede Swordsman Gloves

    Suede Swordsman Gloves

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  • Sale! Basic Medieval Tabard

    Basic Medieval Tabard

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  • Ready For Battle Cape

    Ready For Battle Cape

    SKU: MCI-2309-1 $39.00$44.00 Add to Cart
  • Large Knights Pouch

    Large Knights Pouch

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  • Thief Leather Gloves

    Thief Leather Gloves

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  • Archers Simple Hood

    Archers Simple Hood

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  • Women's Pirate Shirt

    Women’s Pirate Shirt

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  • RFB Viking Leather Bracers

    RFB Viking Leather Bracers

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  • RFB Viking Leather Armour

    RFB Viking Leather Armour

    SKU: MCI-2718 $110.00$132.00 Add to Cart
  • RFB Fighter Leather Armour

    RFB Fighter Leather Armour

    SKU: MCI-2717 $83.00$99.00 Add to Cart
  • Small Knights Pouch

    Small Knights Pouch

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  • Medieval Swordsman Shirt

    Medieval Swordsman Shirt

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  • RFB Knights Battle Arm Bracers

    RFB Knights Battle Arm Bracers

    SKU: MCI-2164 $25.00 Add to Cart
  • Single Leather Gauntlet

    Single Leather Gauntlet

    SKU: MCI-2742 $60.00 Add to Cart
  • Leather Pirate Hat

    Leather Pirate Hat

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  • Suede Pouch - Large

    Suede Pouch – Large

    SKU: MCI-2189 $15.00 Add to Cart
  • Medieval Landsknecht Pants

    Medieval Landsknecht Pants

    SKU: MCI-2363 $65.00 Add to Cart
  • Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

    Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

    SKU: MCI-3221 $97.00$148.00 Add to Cart
  • Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet

    Epic Dark Visored Barbuta Helmet

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  • Sale! Leather Twin Belt

    Leather Twin Belt

    SKU: MCI-2207 $36.00$40.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Tristan Vest

    Tristan Vest

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  • Visored Barbuta Helmet

    Visored Barbuta Helmet

    SKU: MCI-2428 $139.00$154.00 Add to Cart
  • Cuffed Medieval Pants

    Cuffed Medieval Pants

    SKU: MCI-2361 $50.00 Add to Cart
  • Sale! Medieval Landsknecht Shirt

    Medieval Landsknecht Shirt

    SKU: MCI-2359 $30.00$40.00 Add to Cart
  • Adventurer Sword Holder

    Adventurer Sword Holder

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  • Ready For Battle Breastplate – Steel

    Ready For Battle Breastplate – Steel

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  • Elven Tunic

    Elven Tunic

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  • Woodsman LARP Throwing Knife

    Woodsman LARP Throwing Knife

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  • Odin Shirt

    Odin Shirt

    SKU: MCI-3127 $37.00 Add to Cart
  • RFB Arthur Cape

    RFB Arthur Cape

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  • Suede Pouch - Small

    Suede Pouch – Small

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  • Small Glass Potion Bottle

    Small Glass Potion Bottle

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  • Elven Hooded Cloak

    Elven Hooded Cloak

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  • Black Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

    Black Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

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  • LARP Protection Gel Silicone - 100 ml

    LARP Protection Gel Silicone – 100 ml

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  • Padded Arm Bracers

    Padded Arm Bracers

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  • Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

    Alaric Chainmail Hauberk

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  • Altair Cowl

    Altair Cowl

    SKU: MCI-3279 $47.00 Add to Cart

What Is Epic Armoury?

Epic Armoury crafts costumes to be worn when participating in Live Action Roleplay. When doing LARP, costumes worn by the participant sets the era of the story being portrayed and the character involved in the story. You can be a knight, king, or viking. It will depend entirely on the timeline of the story when you do LARP.

LARP often involves the portrayal of battles, which is why Epic Armoury’s costumes are comfortable and sturdy for physical combat, yet suit the character being portrayed of the LARP participant. Weapons used for LARP are often improvised or made of foam to make them safe for combat, but Epic Armoury also offers weapons that complement their costumes and are able to withstand the hitting and movements during battles.


Costumes, weapons and other medieval clothing often have intricate details. You can make your own costume and weapons, but the details are too laborious to copy if you want to achieve a realistic look for your LARP event or Renaissance fair.


Getting realistic costumes and accessories with a reliable weapon to match your costume doesn’t have to cost you a lot of hassle and trouble. You can have all you need right at your doorstep by purchasing Epic Armoury products.

Where to buy Epic Armoury?

If you’re looking for the perfect costume for LARP, then Epic Armoury is the right place for you. Epic Armoury provides high-quality and realistic costumes for your LARP needs. What Epic Armoury offers is not like your ordinary Halloween costume or kids’ toy weapons made of brittle plastic or leather that peels easily.


Epic Armoury only uses quality materials such as leather and steel for costumes, and wood and foam for weapons to ensure they survive all your battles. These weapons and costumes by Epic Armoury were designed to be realistic from a distance while being safe enough for combat in case of misuse.


With its foam latex weapons, costume accessories, and medieval clothing, Epic Armoury is a dream come true for LARPers of all kinds. We proudly offer a wide variety of steel plate armour, leather armour, chainmail, medieval tunics, leather belts, and more to give you an impressive look for LARP events or Renaissance fairs.


Our LARP weapons, which include LARP swords, LARP axes, LARP war hammers, LARP staffs, and others, are crafted from durable foam latex with strong cores to withstand years of use. We also provide LARP archery supplies and LARP shields. All of these foam latex products come in a range of styles from medieval to fantasy to modern, so anyone can find the perfect tool for battle.


In addition to these fine items, Epic Armoury is also the proud producer of many high-quality costume effects ranging from costume make up to latex prosthetics and costume masks to colored contacts and beyond.


Epic Armoury wants to take your LARP experience to the next level with all the armour, clothing, accessories, and weapons you need. Take a moment to browse through this category to see a mere fraction of the fine pieces that are on offer to turn your role-play into an exceptional experience!

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