Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets

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If you want a classic medieval shirt that looks authentic and easy to put on, look no further than the Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets! This high fantasy shirt is perfect in both the medieval world and the realms of fantasy roleplay! This incredible medieval cotton shirt features a long sleeve design with a standing collar. Cotton laces are woven through metal eyelets down the length of this cotton shirt, allowing you to adjust the fit of the sleeves to suit you. Available in both cream and black, this handsome shirt will bring your medieval or fantasy persona to life!

This item is hand made, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above

Key Features:

  • Available in black and cream
  • Features lace up sleeves
  • Comfortable for all day wear
  • Excellent for cosplay and Ren Faires


  • Made from cotton


  • Small: Chest – 48 Inches, Length – 30.3 Inches, Sleeve Length – 24.8 Inches, Neck – 15, Waist: 54 Inches
  • Medium: Chest – 51.2 Inches, Length – 30.7 Inches, Sleeve Length – 25.2 Inches, Neck – 15.4, Waist: Coming Soon
  • Large: Chest – 53.5 Inches, Length – 31.1 Inches, Sleeve Length – 27.2 Inches, Neck – 15.4, Waist: 57.5 Inches
  • X-Large: Chest – 56.7 Inches, Length – 32.3 Inches, Sleeve Length – 28 Inches, Neck – 17.7, Waist: Coming Soon
  • XX-Large: Chest – 63 Inches, Length – 35.4 Inches, Sleeve Length – 29.9 Inches, Neck – 18.1, Waist: Coming Soon

Measurements are approximate

4 reviews for Alex Cotton Shirt with Eyelets

  1. lestatalucard91 (verified owner)

    Amazing quality! I was extremely pleased with my purchase 😁

  2. Kavalore (verified owner)

    Good quality shirt. Although being 100% cotton, it personally has a feel not too far from canvas, but without any scratchiness or negatives, just the general robustness of the weaving and fibers. A note for anyone interested; The sleeves will be billowy and have a LOT of slack. I could likely fit both my arms in one sleeve. Granted this is limited to the middle part of the sleeve. The shoulder and wrist holes are well fitting, but it is worth being aware of. I feel with practice one could use the lacing to tighten up the sleeves, but I have yet to attempt it. You can definitely tell it’s hand-stitched as (at least in my case) it came with a few still-loose strands of string. I have not had it for long, and I’m not sure if they’re at risk of coming loose or fraying, but I generally doubt it, the sewing seems quite robust.
    All in all, im quite pleased with the quality. So far, Mytholon has not let me down. The only downside I can really imagine is that you need to (or is at least recommended to) handwash or dry clean it, but I believe that just comes with the territory of buying quality historical reproductions of clothing, and is something that seems quite common in almost any form of reproduction clothing, so it’s not as much a downside as much as it is something to be aware of if you plan to use it enough to facilitate the need to wash it. Other than that, it’s quite a good shirt.

  3. Ejah (verified owner)

    Wow amazing shirt the quality Is there definitely a good shirt to start off your outfit with

  4. rjohnston79 (verified owner)

    I love this shirt, I have built 2 outfits around it now, and may have to get the black one too!

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