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The Renaissance-era cavalry jackboot is one of the most iconic and ubiquitous footwear designs of all time. Reaching up the calf and capable of being worn either high or folded over, these swashbuckler’s boots can turn any outfit from ordinary to outstanding. Our Haddock Jackboots capture that age-old adventuresome design and update it for the 21st century, using modern construction methods that provide updated comfort and durability without sacrificing even an inch of style. Available in either lack or brown synthetic weatherproof leather and featuring a sturdy rubber sole to help you keep your footing whether you’re on land or the high seas and high grade foam lining that will ensure your feet stay warm and dry no matter what, these jackboots will look gorgeous no matter if you keep that cuff high and tight or fold it over and down for ultimate swashiness. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Key Features:

  • Wide cuffs can be worn either up or down
  • Adjustable fit with straps under the cuff and at the ankle
  • Inner lining provides extra warmth
  • Heavy-duty sole offers strong grip with minimal slippage
  • Ideal for LARP use or in medieval reenactment outfits


  • Made from synthetic, weather-proof leather
  • Lined with high-grade foam
  • Sole made of rubber

These are European Sizes. The US size listed is a conversion to the closest US shoe size. This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown.

Shaft Height Heel Height Calf Circumference Ankle Circumference Sole Length Inner Foot Length
Euro 38 - US Womens 7.5 14 inches 1 inch 16.5 inches 13 inches 11 inches 9.4-9.7 inches
Euro 39 - US Womens 8.5 - US Mens 6.5 14 inches 1 inch 16.5 inches 13.75 inches 11.2 inches 9.7-10 inches
Euro 40 - US Womens 9.5 - US Mens 7 14 inches 1 inch 17.3 inches 14 inches 11.4 inches 10-10.2 inches
Euro 41 - US Womens 10.5 - US Mens 8 14 inches 1 inch 18.1 inches 14.25 inches 11.6 inches 10.2-10.5 inches
Euro 42 - US Womens 11.5 - US Mens 9 14 inches 1 inch 19.3 inches 14.25 inches 11.8 inches 10.5-10.8 inches
Euro 43 - US Womens 12 - US Mens 10 14 inches 1 inch 20.1 inches 14.25 inches 12 inches 10.8-11 inches
Euro 44 - US Mens 11 14 inches 1 inch 20.9 inches 15 inches 12 inches 11-11.3 inches
Euro 45 - US Mens 12 14 inches 1 inch 21.3 inches 15.5 inches 12.25 inches 11.3-11.6 inches
Euro 46 - US Mens 13 14 inches 1 inch 21.7 inches 15.75 inches 13 inches 11.6-11.8 inches
Euro 47 - US Mens 14 14 inches 1 inch 22 inches 16 inches 13.2 inches 11.8-12 inches
Euro 48 - US Mens 15 14 inches 1 inch 22.25 inches 16.25 inches 13.5 inches 12-12.2 inches

6 reviews for Jackboots by Haddocks

  1. Tyler Allen (verified owner)

    Great pair of boots, soft and flexible, great walking around boots

  2. Erin Knapp (verified owner)

    Nice boots, soft material, the soles weren’t quite what I was expecting—if you’ve seen/worn Birkenstock the soles are more like that. I have wider feet, so the seams are a little problematic. Thicker socks seem to help protect my foot from the extra pressure and hopefully stretch the material with extended wear. Overall, for the price, these are decent boots. Would recommend.

  3. Devan Savary (verified owner)

    Bought these for my pirate outfit in my wedding. They look great. Nice soft good looking material. Not chincy at all. Only downfall is they are very hard insoles so i had to add cushion to wear them all day.

  4. edwardlsomers (verified owner)

    First, on sizing and fit: I wear from a US men’s 8 1/2 to a 9 depending upon the ‘cut’ of the shoe. These were ordered as Euro 42/US Men’s 9 and were an excellent fit. I can adjust the foot retention by sock selection. Long days might want a gel insert. I’m 5′ 10 and the top comes to the lower edge on my knee.
    Second, costuming: Plenty of room for pants of any style. Easily foldable top portion to match and accentuate your dress. Plenty of buckle adjustment room.
    Third, workmanship: Material is supple and has a pleasant feel to it. Stitching is quite handsome. Interior is lined with a sewn-in foam that resembles/feels like speaker grille cloth. Buckles are sturdy. Straps are same material and can be shortened well enough.

    Cons: Strong dye smell out of the box, but dissipated over a few hours when aired.
    Overall: An excellent costume accessory with no unpleasant surprises.

  5. jamesmartin4u (verified owner)

    I think that these boots are mostly good if you know what you’re getting. If you prefer style over substance these boots are a wonderful choice. I think that you just have to remember that I believe that these boots are primarily for costume purposes and I have yet to try them out yet, but I feel like they are not going to hold up well trudging around fighting in a forest all day.

    Things that are really like about this boot are it comes in large sizes. I wear a size 14 shoe and they made a size 14 boot which is hard to find in reenactment boots. The sole is very flat and thin and rigid. You will want to wear insoles with these boots. My fear is that my giant 335 lb pushing down on these guys over rocks and sticks is going to snap this sole. I cannot say for sure yet because I have yet to try them out in the day of battle, but they don’t feel as dirty as I would like.

    They look amazing, especially for the price. And the felt lining on the inside is a nice touch. One good thing about these boots is the sole looks like it can be easily replaced if you were to take them to a boot shop. So I will see how it works out.

  6. jamesmartin4u (verified owner)

    I just wanted to add an update to my previous review. I finally got around to wearing them all day. I placed some very thick insoles in them because they have zero padding inside. I am a 14 narrow in shoe size and these boots have a nice tight fit for my narrow feet. However, they are a little too tight whenever you place thick insoles inside them. I am talking about thick soles like the sole brand of insole. I wish that I had ordered one size larger. So if you are going to wear thick insoles with these boots I recommend getting a size larger.

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