Mattis Belt

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With fine detailing fit for a variety of medieval inspired outfits, the Mattis Belt features a brass buckle, tip, and five blossom-shaped decorations. This belt is made of thick leather and available in multiple colors. The circular buckle features a classic twirling design while the tip of the belt depicts a crown and elegant cross design. Perfect for nobility, this sturdy and stylish belt is a great way to easily heighten the style of your favorite historical reenactment or LARP outfit.

Please note that this is a natural product, therefore, minor variations in color and texture may exist.

Key Features:

  • Adorned with five floral decorations
  • Fitted with ornately styled buckle and tip
  • Comes without punch holes for self-customization
  • Adds an authentic touch to historical costumes


  • Made from a single piece of thick upper leather
  • Fittings made of brass
Belt WidthOverall LengthTip Length
One Size0.8 inches61.8 inches2.75 inches

5 reviews for Mattis Belt

  1. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    Nice belt, looks great, heavy and good quality.

  2. cshatley (verified owner)

    It’s a beautiful belt and has holes up the length enough that you can buckle it up high and do the loop like a ring belt. My only caution is that the shade of brown is more orangey than the photo for my particular purchase.

  3. jamesmartin4u (verified owner)

    What I liked: The price of this belt is reasonable. I believe it is the most affordable belt that has a little bit of adornment. The hardware itself is pretty crude as far as finish goes. Molding lines are not very sharp and there are spots where the metal did not fill up the mold perfectly. This isn’t necessarily a negative. I don’t really think it looks like a noble belt I think it looks more like a rough spun commoners belt but this works well with my outfit.

    What you should be aware of: The belt itself is not very wide. It is only three quarters of an inch wide. I have a large frame and so this belt looks like a skinny leather rope wrapped around my waist. I wish that they would have put the dimensions in the description. Also the belt buckle and the tab at the end are sewed on. I am sure that this makes the belt more affordable but it feels like it’s going to come off pretty soon. I would have preferred to pay more for a wider belt that had the hardware riveted on.

  4. Baylee Burger (verified owner)

    It’s a nice belt, but I’m not too overly impressed with it. The hardware was all a lot more rustic looking than in the photos and the end piece is just sewn on. It’s also decently thing and narrow. That being said, I know I will get a lot of good use out of this belt and the leather feels nice. I’m happy to have it as part of my collection.

  5. ben.lurker (verified owner)

    Belt is really nice, a little thin but it looks good. I am a little concerned about the chape being sewn on a little loosely and may caom off in the future so I’ll have to keep and eye on it

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