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Inspired by the Rus pants of the Eastern Vikings, the Ketill Canvas Pants come in a pattern that allows excellent freedom of movement. These baggy trousers fit loosely around the waist and upper leg before snugging tightly around the calf. The medieval pants tie at the waistband and just below the knee. The hip of the Viking trousers is very wide, allowing you to tighten the fit according to your preference. These extraordinarily comfortable historical pants work great for re-enactments and the Renaissance fair, showing off an authentic period look.

During the Viking age, some Vikings journeyed to lands that later became known as Russia. Vikings adopted many local customs of the Rus people, including their distinctive loose pants, which used as much as 50 yards of fabric to create their baggy design, according to some accounts.

This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features:

  • Available in black and brown
  • Features fitted calves
  • Ties at waist and below knee
  • Ideal medieval or Viking apparel


  • Made from 100 percent cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Handwashing this item is recommended. Do not dry in the dryer. Do not bleach. Item may be ironed on a low setting.

This is a handmade item that is measured by hand. Please allow for approximately 1-2 inches of variation from measurements shown.

Waist CircumferenceOutseamInseamCalf CircumferenceCalf Drawstring to Hem
X-Small/Small48 inches41 inches30.75 inches23.5 inches13.5 inches
Medium57.5 inches44.25 inches33.5 inches25.5 inches15 inches
Large/X-Large62 inches47 inches36 inches30.5 inches18 inches

45 reviews for Ketill Canvas Pants

  1. Josh G.

    Purchased the medium size. I’m 6’1″ and have long legs, these fit me with some length to spare. The waist is quite large around, which surprised me, but this size is by design for the “freedom of movement” they mention in the description. Drawstrings on waist will get the job done.

  2. Chris C.

    I like the way these pants look, and the fabric is comfortable. But whatever is happening in the waist area is not good. I’m assuming I ordered the correct size as per the sizing chart, but the pants tie well below the waist, and leave no room in the crotch. Which seems odd being how baggy in general they are. And as hard as I might try to tie them, they fall. I’m not sure if they would stay up better if they were actually around my waist. I had to attach a leather buckle to get them to stay up, but the fabric now bunches up strangely. And my stuff is still all squished up. I’m not sure if a medium would be better, but I’m not going to spend the money to find out. It’s a shame, because they are very nice otherwise.

  3. Tiger B.

    im 5’11” and i ordered the medium size in black. they are awesome! they fit me perfectly, and are suprisingly comfortable. it sounds like the guy in the other review ordered a size too small. also for reference on the color, the pictures only depict a few, and the default picture IS NOT black. the pair i ordered in black are a very solid and deep midnight black. doesn’t get blacker. i was quite pleased with this. i wouldn’t yank the drawstrings at the waist too carelessly either, like i did at first, i tore a thread or two. tighten them carefully. that being said the drawstring itself is very strong and and works well. i like these so much i might order more, and start wearing them casually lol.

  4. Jacob A.

    Firstly, I love these pants. From the style, to the fit to the function, it has it all. The canvas is as expected, somewhat rough and airy. Despite that, it’s more comfortable than other canvas clothes I’ve worn which is a definite bonus. I’d wager sleeping in them, but I’m a somewhat rugged person and that’s probably just me. The pants themselves allow for any range of movement imaginable, I found myself perfectly able to perform full stretches, lunges and splits without any issue at all. Out of the box it comes with some loose ends but is otherwise perfect. The canvas gives it a very period look which is great. All around a very satisfying buy. I recommend this to anyone who plans to actually fight and get a bit dirty in their gear.

  5. Kyle P.

    I preface this all with the fact that I’m not a small guy. I’m 6′ and 300lbs so I used the measurements listed I selected medium. The shipping was fast and they looked and felt great! But unfortunately, like reviewer Chris C said, the crotch area was lacking in space. Everything else fit great, but it just felt the crotch area was too limited. Either you are wearing them way below your waist and risk having them fall down, or you strangle your goods. They are wearable, but I don’t think I will be comfortable in them all day/weekend at the fair. I might have to alter them a little to make them a little more comfortable for me. Again, I admit I’m a big guy so your mileage may vary.

    Other than that, they are great. I haven’t taken them out to the fair yet, but other than the fix to the crotch, they appear to work well.

  6. Darren L.

    Fits perfectly and is very comfortable.

  7. Gavin G.

    There isn’t much crotch space. I ordered a size bigger than I normally am and there still isn’t enough crotch space. It’s not too hard of a fix though.
    The material is nice, durable but not too rough, and besides the aforementioned issues, they are quite comfortable to wear.
    I’m afraid they aren’t terribly breathable. But, all in all, they’ll do quite nicely for a costume.

  8. todd.e.schreiber (verified owner)

    I’m 6′ 1″, 34″ waist, 32″ inseam. The length is fine should work for everyone except the extremely long legged people. The crotch length, is pretty short, taking a star for that. It fits, but just barely, should have added 2 inches of crotch depth. The waist size is about 48″, lots of room there. But the crotch is so short, I imagine larger waisted people may want to avoid these due the the shallow crotch depth. Really tough thick canvas pants though, overall really nice.

  9. thomasjmorgenroth (verified owner)

    Great pair of pants, second pair I’ve purchased from MC and again I’m happy with my purchase. Crotch is a little tight, might recommend a little more space/depth there but overall a great buy and well worth the money for a versatile addition to a costume repertoire.

  10. Andrew Lee (verified owner)

    These pants are so surprisingly comfortable! They are thick and you would think you’d over heat in them but you don’t. I ordered a size up because of people saying there was a ‘room’ issue and I probably could have ordered just my regular size and been fine, but having more room is never an issue and I just use a spare belt to keep them in place. Still totally worth it.

  11. mbaldassarre (verified owner)

    These are really high quality, especially for the price. The length was good, and they were easy enough to adjust in terms of fit. One thing I will say… I’m average height and stocky (5’8″, 220 lb, 38″ Waist) and I got the XL. These were HUGE. My fiance AND her son probably could have gotten in there with me! (And they’re not TINY either! Lol) But once I got them gathered up with the pull-string they were fine. And it was really only the WAIST that was big. The knees and calf portions fit without issue. So: Even if you’re REALLY big around the waste, THESE WILL FIT. Lol. If anyone is saying they are SMALL…? My GUESS is they mean in the LEGS not the WAIST? In any case,the XL could have fit two of me in the waist.

    Not sure yet (since it’s winter here ATM) how well they with breathe in the dead of summer, but they are at least as warm as any pair of jeans or pants I’ve got. So in the cooler part of the year they’ll do fine.

  12. selenagallegosdeluna (verified owner)

    I’m no small lady but they fit as specified and are amazing comfortable.

  13. Andrew Cooke (verified owner)

    I’m 5’10” and 180 and ordered a medium. The fit is perfect. The waist will fit just about anyone it’s so large, but the calves where they narrow down is comfortable.

  14. keir_sayenga (verified owner)

    These pants are great. I got lucky. My bubble butt was big enough to make the crotch a little snug, but still comfortable.

  15. donbocca (verified owner)

    Great pants. I bought medium and have a 34″ waist. No problem cinching drawstring to fit. At 5’8″ the length was perfect when cinching leg straps. Looks great and should accommodate a taller and more portlier man than I with no problem.

  16. ryan_cortes (verified owner)

    Nicely made but you may want to order a size down. Im 6′ and 190 lbs but it’s almost too long. Also like many of the other reviews mention it’s a little bigger in the legs but you can easily drawstring everything down to a reasonable size.

  17. Cody Chinn (verified owner)

    Awesome pants. Order a size SMALLER than you think if you have small calves. While they get smaller from the knee down, there is still quite a bit of material that is bound to get bunched up in boots or behind greaves. I washed mine and threw it in the dryer against instructions and it shrank down to perfect. Love them, will likely buy another color!

  18. Dillan Cobb (verified owner)

    Large was a little too big for me, but still fits fine as the strings were able to be pulled down to size. Still fits fine and doesn’t fall off of me. Other than that (which is my own fault) these pants are GREAT. Breathable, looks good, and overall nice.

  19. Dale (verified owner)

    I love these pants aside from how the crotch fits. The crotch is very tight and supporting though if you look at it another way.

  20. barton_12 (verified owner)

    These pants pair well with the Simon cotton shirt. They are extremely comfortable and work very well under boots as there is minimal extra material to tuck away. The material is of a nice quality as well. Very happy with this purchase.

  21. Ellen Moore (verified owner)

    Like other reviewers have said, these pants have a very small rise (crotch measurement). I would increase the rise and widen the drawstring openings at waist and knees (to allow for ease of use). Otherwise, they’re good pants, given what they are. Tweaking the pattern would make them great.

  22. pgrivenburg (verified owner)

    Well made, will last through many adventures. Like many others that bought this item, I too found it snug in the crotch. There is lots of room in the legs to allow movement, you find that you’ll wear them a little lower than your everyday pants; they’re high enough so no butt crack warning needed.

  23. Bridget Parrish (verified owner)

    Very thick fabric, feels well made with quality fabric. Only downs side is that the crotch area – I am 5’7″ woman and even I feel that the legs are long enough, but the crotch area is short, almost like they are a low rise waist. Not too much of a problem, just wish they came up higher on the natural waistline.

  24. jamesmartin4u (verified owner)

    I am 6′ 4″ I weigh 330 pounds and wear size 44 jeans. I ordered the L/ Ex Lg canvas pants in cream. I found the pants to be surprisingly roomy. This was something that I was worried about being such a large person but nope they me just fine. From the pictures I thought maybe the legs tied up above the knees but that’s not the case with me it’s more like above my calves.

    I would give these pants five stars but there are two things. The first is that this is straight up canvas so the material is quite rough. Also, and this is kind of a small thing, but these pants smell like an army surplus store. Again, I am sure it’s because they are for real canvas. All in all I would recommend getting these pants for you if you need something roomy to move around and fight in.

  25. acellewllits99 (verified owner)

    the leg ties can easily slip but can be tied tight enough to stay and still be fine.

  26. Jack DuBose (verified owner)

    Good pants, the sewing on the right leg was a little rough but I haven’t had any problems with it yet.

  27. nils.olson (verified owner)

    I was afraid of ordering the small size because of how oversize the waist is but ended up fitting well. They are quite comfortable and leg movement in them is excellent. I got the leg wraps to cover the tighter fitting calf area.

  28. Doyle Bays (verified owner)

    At 5’6″, I was expecting these to fit long on me. Not the case at all. The length is just right, with plenty of room in the groin. The fitted legs add some leg protection under my boots.

  29. Anthony Cavalline (verified owner)

    I am the most average-sized guy there is, and I ordered a medium. I have to say I don’t really care for these. I get the absolute insane hugeness of the waist/thigh area, that’s the point, but then the calves should be more fitted. They’re not, they are crazy huge and baggy, so the whole thing feels like clown pants. I think if I use my leg wraps on the bottom part it will fix it and make it all work – but then it kind of defeats the purpose of buying this sort of pants. The fabric and color are great, I just feel like I should’ve ordered like an extra small to get the fit I’d want.

  30. tristanhelring97 (verified owner)

    These pants are really well made as with most Mytholon products BUT make sure you read the sizing chart well. I am 6 feet tall and about 250 lbs and I wear a 36 pant size. After reading some reviews I figured I could go with a size Medium. The medium is HUGE on me. The drawstrings tie tight enough to keep them up on my waist but holy cow these run big. Despite this, they look great and are a comfy addition to any ren faire garb.

  31. idratherbeflying1 (verified owner)

    I have several Ketill canvas pants (in different colors) as well as the wool versions (also in different colors). I am 6′ tall and 185 lbs. I have the lg/xl and they are HUGE on me. However, I did order one in medium and, while the waist was better proportioned, it didn’t have as loose and comfortable feeling as the HUGE lg/xl pants did. If you prefer a “blousy” baggy fit for the upper portion, the larger size is your bet. The medium is still fairly baggy, but I personally prefer a looser fit. As far as the calf sizing, it is wholly appropriate to use winnengas wraps to provide the tightness at the calf.

  32. Connor Mejias-Mariani (verified owner)

    I’m 5’7″ and weigh 180 lbs. I believe I’m also of average proportions roughly. I got the small pants and they fit great and are very comfortable as well. I hope this info helps.

  33. christopher.j.rowley (verified owner)

    (Brown; medium) These pants are really well made and the material is exceptionally heavy. I ordered a medium (I normally wear a 34-36 waist). The length was fine, but the waist was enormous. Still, I was able to use the drawstring to tighten them well enough to wear. They’re very blousy and baggy.

  34. Steven Rahn (verified owner)

    A lot of the other reviews hold up to my experience. The waist is adjustable but the groin area is a bit tight, but not enough to be severely uncomfortable. Great otherwise

  35. Steven Rahn (verified owner)

    A lot of the other reviews hold up to my experience. The waist is adjustable but the groin area is a bit tight, but not enough to be severely uncomfortable. Great otherwise, can’t wait to wear them out

  36. unmukt.gupta (verified owner)

    These pants are wonderful! They fit like a charm (medium – 5’11”) and aren’t too tight. They come with instuctions which helped with putting them on, the pants go very nicely with some leather adventurers boots! Highly recommend them!!

  37. Jordan Obrastoff (verified owner)

    Wow I was expecting something kinda flimsy but these are rigged and comfortable. Like everyone else here I’m a tall broad shouldered man. The crotch didn’t have much room, but they still fit. (Imagine being the guy that said he didn’t get what we were talking about, oofta bro)

  38. lightninghawk66 (verified owner)

    I like how they fit. Would get these again. Very comfortable. Great clothes. fast shipping. Everything is always great.

  39. Tristen Sellar-Isaacs (verified owner)

    Definitely take your measurements before ordering. I measured out what I needed and an XS was right for me. They are fairly low rise, coming up to the hips. Not an issue for me since I pair them with a nice long viking tunic

  40. lukehurtado (verified owner)

    Excellent pants and excellent quality!
    Do a separate wash in a laundry bag, cold water, there will be some extra dye in these that’ll need to be taken care of.

  41. mhelekunihi (verified owner)

    These are fantastic pants. Well made from durable materials. As a female larper, they fit great and look awesome. Really happy with the purchase.

  42. scott.manship (verified owner)

    Just so comfortable and easy to wear, plus a reasonable price, and good look. Durable too- couldn’t ask for more

  43. donovanchav889 (verified owner)

    I am a 5’7 guy at 200lbs and a Waist size 40″. I ordered large/XL without measuring first and they were huge. Any idea which size would be suitable for me? I’ve been looking at the chart and find it kinda hard to believe the x-small/small Waist is 48 in. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! P.s. the material is great though

  44. lepperjoe (verified owner)

    Great pants. Well made and look amazing. I highly recommend.

  45. Nick O’Brien (verified owner)

    I’ve worn these in 90 degree heat as well as below freezing temperatures, and it was comfortable on both ends of the spectrum. They’re also comfortable enough to wear for full days of intense physical activity in both hot and cold weather. They’re very large around the waist but can easily tighten as much as I need them to. The only complaint I’d have is how much excess string there is for the ties around the calf, but that’s not something I think is worth docking any points for

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