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Terrors of the sea, Viking raiders were a major threat during the height of their power, partially due to their ability to sail their shallow longships right up to shore as they launched their attacks.

Outfit yourself in the style of one of these Norse warriors with our excellent selection of authentic Viking clothes for battle. This decorative and functional armor includes Viking greaves, Viking bracers, Viking body armor, and more, all crafted from fine leather, steel, or other high-quality materials.

We offer berserker and barbarian armor styles, as well as women’s Viking clothing for battle, styled after the mythical Valkyries. Our historical reenactment armor will work well for LARP battles, theatrical performances, and costume parties. Whenever you want to look like a fierce ancient warrior, be sure to choose from our selection of Norse armor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Armor Did Vikings Wear?

When they could afford it, Viking warriors would wear battle clothes that included a helmet, metal armor made of chainmail, and a lamellar, an armor made from wearing together several pieces of iron plates.

Viking soldiers who could not afford proper battle clothes made do with improvised quilted armors made of layers of linen or wool, as well as padded leather clothes for protection during armed conflicts.

Pop culture often depicts Viking warriors wearing helmets with horns or wings, but this couldn’t be more wrong. In reality, Viking helmets were simple and practical, consisting of bowl-shaped headgear and nose guard made of several pieces of iron.

Did Vikings Have Leather Armor?

Yes, they did. Lower-status Viking soldiers usually could not afford chainmail, so they settled with padded leather or quilted layers of fabric, like linen or wool, to protect their bodies during battle.

Leather was not just used in clothing but also for weapons and accessories. The clothing Viking men and women wore often featured belts, hats, shoes, and laces made of leather. A battle shield and helmet were often reinforced with leather. Swords were usually carried in leather scabbards.

What Kinds of Weapons Did Vikings Use?

In film, television, and literature, Viking warriors are often depicted wearing battle clothes with massive axes, Viking helmets (usually with horns or wings), and round shields. That image is partially true. You already know that Vikings did not wear horned or winged helmets, but many soldiers did carry an axe and a shield.

In fact, axes, spears, and seaxes (a type of dagger, knife, or small sword) were the most commonly used weapons at that time. Swords, which were more expensive, were usually reserved for those with higher status.

Why Medieval Collectibles?

We’ve got everything you need to dress up as a convincing Viking soldier, from the helmet down to the battle clothes. Best of all, many of our products stay true to history. We also have costumes, weapons, and accessories that are not as historically accurate but are very popular.

Additionally, we only offer products with the highest level of craftsmanship and detail so you can have the perfect getup for LARP events, reenactments, Renaissance fairs, and other events.

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