Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

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An age old way to stay protected on the battlefield, chainmail uses interlocking rings to provide its wearer with protection. Try the Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk for an authentic look at your next LARP or historic reenactment event. The butted rings are made of mild steel, and each ring interlocks with four other rings in a 4-in-1 design. The armpits are reinforced with riveted rings to combat the stress of movement. Providing protection from the shoulders to the thighs, the Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk is great for getting comprehensive coverage. The short sleeve style allows for increased movement on the battlefield. Due to its handcrafted nature, this piece may display slight variations. Wear this chainmail hauberk over a gambeson for comfort, safety, and authenticity.

Key Features

  • Short sleeve hauberk style
  • Covers body down to thighs
  • Interlocked, 4-in-1 butted ring construction
  • Armpits reinforced with riveted rings
  • Great for medieval reenactment and LARP


  • Made of 16 gauge mild steel
  • Made with 9mm rings
Chest CircumferenceOverall LengthSleeve LengthRing Internal Diameter
Small29 inches37 inches13 inches9 millimeters
Medium32 inches39 inches16 inches9 millimeters
Large44 inches44 inches19 inches9 millimeters
X-Large58 inches46 inches20 inches9 millimeters

7 reviews for Ragnar Chainmail Hauberk

  1. mattedgin (verified owner)

    Fantastic. Knee length, good fit. Great price and construction for the style.

  2. Danimal (verified owner)

    At just over 6′, this falls to just above my knees. I ordered a large based on the provided measurements and my advice would be to order one size larger than you think you’ll need. The quality is good for butted mail. Make sure you have an old towel ready for when you pull it out of the box, because it comes covered in the worst-smelling grease I’ve ever encountered…

  3. acellewllits99 (verified owner)

    It’s decent. I would, however, def recommend saving for legit RIVETMAIL, as this stuff can EASILY pop open. If wearing on its own with some clothing under it, then order your size, however, I would recommend getting the largest size possible and a gambeson and wear the mail over that.

  4. scott.gregg111 (verified owner)

    I am 6’1″ and 180 and this fits fine over my gambeson. The weight is great, use a waist belt to evenly distribute the weight. It is mild steel and butted so it can have links separate. To remove the excess oil USE SAWDUST. No reason to use degreasers or other caustic junk. A bag of sawdust from a work shop, coat it all over, let it sit for 15 minutes, then use a leaf blower on it, and the vast majority of the oil will be gone. Less pollution, easier on the hands, and cheaper provided you have access to fine sawdust from a workshop not bark chip sawdust, though I suppose that might work too.

  5. direwolf1724 (verified owner)

    Decent product 👌

  6. christopher.j.rowley (verified owner)

    We love this set of chainmail. It was purchased for my 15 year old daughter. It took us three tries to get the size right between this set and another, but we finally got it right. Recommendation: If you think you might wear a small…get a medium. If you’re going to wear a lot of stuff under the medium (i.e., gambeson-recommended), go the next size up.

  7. nathanael.chase2011 (verified owner)

    Beautifully done! I love it! It goes so well with my viking outfit and weapons. To clean off the grease, I used wide container with 50% Simple Green and 50% water. Scrub it thoroughly with your hands and wash it all off. From there I stretched it out in the sun over a large cloth material to help get rid of the remaining water. Last thing I did after that was wipe it all down with a CLP-soaked cloth to help it remain rust-free and ready for the next event.

    All in all, I’m happy to wear what my norse ancestors wore about 1000 years ago or so.

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